The final set of Fortnite Star Wars quests is here, and to complete one of these challenges, players will need to head to two locations, Moment’s Rest and Restful Retreat.

Achieving this objective will give players 200 Galactic Reputation, which will help them obtain the Darth Maul skin.

These locations on the map are not marked by name, making them tricky to find. Here is where you can find these landmarks.

Moment’s Rest & Restful Retreat Locations in Fortnite

These two landmarks can be located on the following areas of the map:

  1. Moment’s Rest – Found Southeast of Mega City and North of Kenjustsu Crossing
  2. Restful Retreat – Found Northeast of Mega City and North of Knotty Nets

As both locations are found nearby, you can easily travel to both within the same game, although you do not have to. You can visit them individually in separate matches.

Players must also be careful as these areas could be hotspots as other players attempt to complete the challenge. We recommend getting a weapon and using shield potions before journeying to these spots.

Finishing this task will also get you closer to obtaining a Sith Holocron. Collecting three of these will earn you a Star Wars-themed glider.

Where to Find Moment’s Rest in Fortnite

Moment’s Rest is to the Southeast of Mega City and directly North of Kenjustu Crossing. It is a small pool of water with a couple of chests around the area.

Where to Find Restful Retreat in Fortnite

Restful Retreat is the entire island to the North of Knotty Nets and Northeast of Mega City. Walk anywhere on this island for the challenge to be complete.

Once you know where both locations are, you should have no problem completing this Find the Force challenge!

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