If you’re looking to obtain the Molduga Monster Medal or a Molduga Jaw for Fuse material, then you’re going to need to know where to find all Molduga locations in Zelda: TOTK.

The Molduga is one of the many mini-bosses that you’ll fight while exploring the world of Tears of the Kingdom. It is a massive monster that swims beneath the desert’s sand, waiting for its prey to walk above it.

However, knowing where to find the Molduga beast is only half the battle. In this guide, we’ll break down the best tips for hunting this massive monster and every location you can find it in.

Where to Find All Molduga Locations

Players can find four different Molduga locations in the Geruda Desert of TOTK. These massive beasts are found swimming underneath the sand but can be tricked into surfacing without using Link as bait.

Here are the locations and coordinates for each of these Molduga:

  • Northwest of Gerudo Town: -4020, -2704, 0043
  • Near the Siwakama Shrine: -2438, -3357, 0040
  • Southeast of Gerudo Town: -3726, -3625, 0043
  • Near the Torma Dunes: -4772, -2770, 0027
Molduga TOTK Location Guide

When you first arrive at any of these locations, you’ll see them burrowing underneath the sand. This is where the battle really begins.

Molduga Burrowing TOTK in Gerudo Desert

How to Easily Beat Molduga in TOTK

The fastest way to beat the Molduga in TOTK is to use an arrow to get it to the surface and then shoot bomb arrows at it to stun it. Once it is stunned, use a powerful blunt weapon to deliver massive damage to the Molduga.

  1. Confirm the Molduga location by spotting the large mound of sand burrowing through the desert.
  2. Position yourself on high ground near the Molduga’s location.
  3. Use one of your arrows near this large burrowing mound to grab its attention.
    • You should see a small question mark appear over them and then a yellow exclamation point when they are about to surface.
Grabbing Molduga Attention in Geruda Desert
Source: WTF! Gaming
  1. The Molduga will surface vertically. During this time, use bomb arrows to stun the Molduga before it dives back into the sand.
Molduga Rising surfacing from the Sand
Source: WTF! Gaming
  1. If stunned correctly, the Molduga will land on its back. Use this time to wallop it with a blunt weapon to do massive damage.
  2. As soon as the Molduga rolls over, run back to your high-ground position.
    • When the Molduga rolls over, it will shake a bit and then use a roundhouse tail swipe to attack. Moving away as soon as it rolls over will ensure you avoid this attack.
  3. Once you return to high ground, the Molduga is unable to attack you. From here, repeat all these steps until you completely beat the Molduga.

With this strategy, Link will have no issues dealing with any of the Molduga that he encounters in the desert during his adventures in TOTK.