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Modern Warfare’s Player Count is Massive, Even Without New Content

Modern Warfare may be getting no real support from Activision, but it’s still got a staggeringly-high player count.

Despite the success of Black Ops Cold War, it’s predecessor is still alive and well. Even though Activision is trying hard to push players to buy the newer title in the franchise, it seems that Modern Warfare fans are happy where they are.

When the new Black Ops released, many saw Cold War as a downgrade from Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward’s title, which brought a lot of fans back to the long-running franchise, boasts excellent graphics, sound design, and gameplay.

Modern Warfare Player Count
(Source: Activision)

It also spawned Warzone, one of gaming history’s most influential battle royales, with over 85 million players. Given that Call of Duty titles are designed to have a single year lifespan, it’s now time for the dust to settle on Modern Warfare as Cold War brings in a new era.

Or so Activision may have thought.

Modern Warfare Refuses to Die, Boasts Massive Player Count

Despite heavy advertising for Cold War, and even the changing of Modern Warfare’s name on to Warzone, Modern Warfare still has a dedicated fanbase. In fact, there are currently over 2 million players on Modern Warfare at the time of this article’s writing.

According to online user tracker PlayerCounter, Modern Warfare fans are still playing the game in full force. It’s clear from the passion of the users on the title’s online forums that Modern Warfare fans are angry at Cold War’s forced inclusion.

modern warfare massive player count
(Source: PlayerCounter)

But even despite the multiple ads for Cold War on the way to Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer, even with a Battle Pass containing unlocks almost entirely for Cold War and Warzone, Modern Warfare fans continue to play.

For many of them, there’s no other title that compares, and they’re angry at Activision for attempting to kill it.

Call of Duty’s Active Player Counts

Interestingly, the site also reports around 300,000 players online playing Warzone. This figure is far smaller than we’d expected, but it could be that many players are currently giving the game a break due to the overpowered Warzone DMR.

However, the figures may soon be on the rise as NICKMERCS believes a new Warzone DMR nerf is just around the corner. If these numbers are to believed, Modern Warfare still has life in it yet.

warzone player count
(Source: PlayerCounter)

Unfortunately, PlayerCounter does not list Black Ops Cold War as one of its available titles. We’d be very interested in seeing just how the numbers stack up when compared to Modern Warfare.

Some people are already casting these figures into doubt, indicating that PlayerCounter could be incorrect in its estimation. By all accounts, you’d think the player counts would be reversed for Warzone and Modern Warfare at least.

However, this news has been reported by high profile Call of Duty insider BKT00R on Twitter, so it may be legitimate after all.

Moving forward, Modern Warfare 2 is likely to be the series’ next installment. If true, this is sure to make a lot of fans very happy.

Unfortunately, Infinity Ward hasn’t had long to get their sequel ready to launch. This could mean that the rumored Sledgehammer Games Call of Duty may be arriving in 2021.

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