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Modern Warfare’s Halloween Update Adds Scarecrows That Want Revenge

Modern Warfare players should be wary of the game’s new scarecrows as the creepy field guardians enjoy taking revenge.

The Haunting of Verdansk Halloween update to Modern Warfare and Warzone brings a new level of spookiness to the game. There are new cosmetics, game modes, and much more to discover.

Not all your discoveries will be fun ones, however. In fact, it turns out that the new update to scarecrows is a rather more painful experience for players.

Now, coming within 3 meters of a scarecrow causes the effigy to turn to face you. Once it locks on, players will have to retreat to around 6 or 7 meters before the scarecrow finally looks away.

This creepy feature isn’t all that’s added, though, and God forbid you actually attack the newly-alive being.

Modern Warfare’s Halloween Scarecrows Want Revenge

If a player makes the mistake of attacking a scarecrow at close range, they may not live to regret it. In a clip posted to the Modern Warfare subreddit, the scarecrow gets its revenge.

(Source: Activision)

Player VValkyr discovered that scarecrows aren’t fans of being abused after getting creeped out by the staring. After a few melee attacks, the scarecrow takes revenge on its attacker.

Those that damage the scarecrows will notice that the objects will hop into the air before causing a lethal explosion on landing. According to an Infinity Ward employee, the easter egg triggers after a scarecrow receives 350 damage.

Interestingly, the scarecrow only gets revenge on the player that it’s tracking. What’s more, no amount of shields or cover will save you.

The 350 damage requirement can only be dealt by the scarecrow’s target too. Therefore, enemies can’t simply shoot scarecrows from range to explode nearby players.

Finally, the explosion will not apply to nearby teammates, meaning that the revenge is for you alone. Players would be best leaving these scarecrows to their business.

This isn’t all that’s coming with the Halloween update, however. Modern Warfare and Warzone’s Haunting of Verdansk is bringing the spooky atmosphere in a number of ways.

If you’re able to handle a few jump scares, Warzone players can Trick or Treat in the following locations for unique items. Meanwhile, players can also face off against the undead hordes in Zombie Royale.

The game mode is proving so popular that Warzone players want Zombie Royale to be a permanent addition. However, as it stands, the update will only last for two more weeks.