The Call of Duty Warzone map includes over 300 points of interest and more than a dozen named locations. One of these named locations is Stadium – but fans have highlighted one major issue with the area.

The Stadium just seems like any ordinary location in Modern Warfare Warzone. In fact, it’s actually a popular landing spot among players.

Hence its name, this location takes place across a stadium. Located near the center of Verdansk, this location can gather quite the attention. It generally features high-quality loot and is a frequent go-to spot for those looking to get into some action.

Should Stadium Be Accessible In Warzone?

Aside from the loot it entails, Stadium can be a recipe for disaster if the final circle takes place on it. As seen in various different examples, players are forced out of the final circle when it’s on Stadium.

You cannot access inside the location, so players often die to the green gas when it’s upon them. If the final circle takes place directly in the center of Stadium, you can, of course, go on the roof. However, this can rather difficult especially towards the end game, given how it’s hard to find a Helicopter.

As pointed by Redditor ‘iadg‘, there are two solutions to these issues. First of all, you can make inside of the Stadium accessible, so players can easily enter through it. The other option is to ensure the final circle is never on the location.

Making the place accessible will also allow players to acquire more loot inside the Stadium. Moreover, it would also save players time, preventing them from having to go round the outside of the Stadium as usual.

Infinity Ward is yet to clarify what measures they are going to take in order to fix this problem. Although it’s possible that they will not make any changes regarding this, it’s also possible to see this patched as early as the next update.