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Modern Warfare Update Today – December 24th Patch Notes

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In celebration of the holiday season, Infinity Ward has released a new update in Call of Duty MW. This update today introduces a bevy of new additions to the game, including new modes, XP bonuses, and more. Here are the official Modern Warfare patch notes for December 24th, 2019.

This update will not require a download. It’s available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Modern Warfare Patch Notes - Dec. 24

Modern Warfare Patch Notes – Dec. 24

  • New limited-time modes are now available until December 31st at 10AM PST.
  • Snowball fights have arrived as a new mode in Gunfight. Snowfight is available on Winter Docks, the festive-themed map!
  • Drop Zone has arrived in Multiplayer.
  • Double XP and Double Tier earn rate is now live. This bonus lasts until Dec. 27 at 10AM PT.
  • Tier sale is now live for the Battle Pass.
  • The ‘Mad Chemist’ bundle has a launched in the store, in addition to Nikto Operator bundle. The new bundle will include a whole host of different goodies, including the Chemist operator skin, ‘Final Countdown’ watch, and much more. You can purchase it for 2400 COD Points.
  • Shoot House and Shipment 24/7 is NOW LIVE!

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We will update this article with more changes as and when Infinity Ward reveals them.

In addition to Snowfight, normal Gunfight is also available in the game for those who are looking for something a little more competitive. Furthermore, the Infected playlist is also still in the game, but this time it’s now under the Quick Play Filter selection.

Prior to the release of this patch, Infinity Ward’s Joe Cecot confirmed that changes to the killfeed are on the horizon. However, Cecot mentioned that they will arrive after the holidays, so maybe they won’t be included in this Modern Warfare update.

Source: Activision – Dec. 23 Week in Modern Warfare

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