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Infinity Ward Dev Teases Modern Warfare Shoot House & Shipment 24/7 Playlists

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Eagle-eyed fans have noticed a new cryptic teaser from Infinity Ward’s Joe Cecot, the co-design director of multiplayer. It presumably hints towards a highly anticipated Modern Warfare Shoot House and Shipment 24/7 playlist.

One fan proposed a new idea to keep the flow of the game more consistent. They theorized that Infinity Ward could implement two new 24/7 playlists – one with fast-paced maps such as Shipment and Shoot House, whereas the other resembles a mosh pit type playlist.

Just an idea to keep the game flow more consistent. from r/modernwarfare

Cecot replied to this post with a cryptic message. “Shoot the Ship,” he said.

We can’t know for sure what Cecot is hinting at, although all the evidence does point in the direction of a Shoot House and Shipment 24/7 playlist.

Modern Warfare Shoot House 24/7

Shoot House was welcomed with open arms by the community back in November, with its fast-paced gameplay. This map resembles some from the past, with its traditional three-lane design.

It features 12 main locations, with a slew of broken-down vehicles scattered across the map. It would be fair to say that this map is the most popular within the game, so much so that players demanded its return a short while ago.

Infinity Ward brought the map back, although it was soon removed again due to the season 1 refresh content.

Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7

If you’re familiar with the Call of Duty franchise, the chances are that you’ll have heard of Shipment. Although some have remained resistant towards it, others can’t get enough of it.

The classic originally released in Call of Duty 4, offering a slightly different approach to the franchise – featuring both elements of tactics and just pure chaos. While it might be somewhat of a popular map, it has still received backlash in Modern Warfare.

NEW RECORD: World’s Fastest Nuke in Modern Warfare set on Shipment map

Over the course of the past week or so, Infinity Ward has tackled criticism after the way numerous world records were broken due to its poor spawns. Players were essentially acquiring nukes for fun by spawn killing the opposition.

Irrespective of this, a Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 playlist would certainly go down rather well within the community still.

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