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Modern Warfare Features a Secret Call of Duty 4 Easter Egg

Modern Warfare features references towards Call of Duty 4's “All Ghillied Up” mission.
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Infinity Ward’s latest installment is a reboot of the original Modern Warfare series, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise to see past characters and features make a return. However, it turns out that Modern Warfare actually includes several references towards Call of Duty 4.

New Modern Warfare Easter Egg Discovered

Reddit user ‘Raflolio’ has stumbled upon a new easter egg in Modern Warfare. It entails the EBR-14 Marksmen Rifle, which from a distance doesn’t seem to involve anything out of the ordinary. However, once you zoom into its aesthetics, you can see a set of numbers. These only appear to show on a particular skin for the EBR-14, known as the “Flesh Wound” which can be acquired via “The Unseen” bundle in the store for 1400 Cod Points.

Modern Warfare The Unseen Bundle

These numbers are actually coordinates, which read 51°24’00.0″N 30°04’00.0″E. Although this doesn’t seem to mean to anything, once you type them into Google maps it comes up with Pripyat Amusement Park.

On the “Flesh Wound” EBR-14, there are coordinates to 51°24’00.0″N 30°04’00.0″E, which is the Pripyat Amusement Park, a subtle nod to the “All Ghillied Up” mission from COD 4 from r/modernwarfare

In case you have never played Call of Duty 4, this marks an iconic location. It’s from the “All Ghillied Up”, a mission which is widely acclaimed from the community. Either way, what is this easter egg doing in Modern Warfare, you ask? It seems to merely be a nod towards the mission and its extraordinary success. Here’s a video from Modern Warfare Remastered, showcasing the popular mission:

It’s unclear as to whether there are any other easter eggs similar to this, but we do know that this isn’t the only reference to Call of Duty 4. In fact, the blockbuster title heavily inspired the developers of Modern Warfare. The latest game within the franchise features the iconic Captain Price character as the protagonist, for example.

In addition to this, John ‘Soap’ MacTavish also makes an appearance within the Campaign. In terms of similarities between the online aspect of each title, Modern Warfare actually brought back the two classics of Shipment and Vacant. It looks like several other famous maps will arrive within the near future too.

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