Modern Warfare Season 3 kicks off next month, according to the battle pass timer. With its launch just around the corner, let’s take at some of the maps you might be able to get your hands on.

If the latest season is anything to follow, it looks like the next will offer a variety of different maps. Some of these will be available on launch day, whereas others will arrive later on in the season.

It’s likely that some of these maps will be remakes from the previous Call of Duty titles, whereas others will be completely brand-new. Better still, they’ll also be free-to-play, since Activision has scrapped the Season Pass.

Note that these are merely predictions, as Activision and Infinity Ward are yet to comment on the content available in Season 3.


If you played close attention to the reveal trailer back in May 2019, you’ll probably have noticed that there’s currently one key feature missing. All the way back in May, the Faridah map was revealed as part of the trailer. However, we’re now over four months into the launch of Modern Warfare, and there’s still no sign of Faridah.

Modern Warfare Faridah Map
Credit: r/ModernWarfare

With this in mind, Season 3 might introduce Faridah into the game. You can find a screenshot of the map above.


A while ago, eagled-eyed data miners discovered several references towards Takedown in Modern Warfare. It seems Takedown is a 6v6 map. Since it hasn’t yet launched, perhaps Season 3 is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Modern Warfare Borderline Map
Credit: r/ModernWarfare

If the leaked image is anything to go by, it looks like Takedown features a helipad in the middle with a variety of buildings surrounding it.


Another Multiplayer map that was found in the files goes by the name of Borderline. Little information is known about this map, but it seems to take place across a large town with various different buildings.

Modern Warfare Borderline Map
Credit: r/ModernWarfare


Usually, with the release of every new season, it seems Infinity Ward adds in one or two remasters for good measure. There’s nothing which suggests Modern Warfare Season 3 will be any different. With high demand, Dome would be the perfect remake to include in the next major content drop.

MW3 Dome Map