In addition to a host of other changes, Modern Warfare Season 2 has also added two brand new weapons. With that being said, here’s how to get the GRAU 5.56 assault rifle and Strike 45 submachine gun in Modern Warfare.

Fortunately, both of these weapons are not locked behind some sort of paywall. You can unlock the new guns in Modern Warfare Season 2 for free, although it might require a fair number of hours actually playing the game.

How to Unlock Modern Warfare Season 2 Guns

According the official Battle Pass description, the Grau 5.56 is “a lightweight and mobile assault rifle that excels at range.” In order to unlock it, you’ll need to reach tier 15 on the free version of the Battle Pass.

Modern Warfare GRAU 5.56 Gun

As for the Striker 45, Activision describes it as “a powerful SMG that has potential at longer ranges compared to its class with a moderate rate of fire.” If you’ve ever played Modern Warfare 2 back in the day, this weapon might seem awfully similar to the UMP. 45. In order to get your hands on this gun, there’s a little more effort required. You will need to reach tier 31.

Modern Warfare Season 2 - Striker 45 Gun

Once you have obtained either of the two weapons, you can head over to your loadouts and equip them to a class.

The new content drop seems to be using the same formula as Season One. In case you have forgotten, Infinity Ward introduced the Holger-26 and the RAM-7 to the game. Both of these weapons were available for free at similar tiers to the ones featured above.

New Weapon Coming Mid-Season Two

Activision recently released a brand-new roadmap for the new season, which entails information on what’s coming day-one and what’s on the horizon for later on. Some eagle-eyed fans have noticed a new weapon referenced on the infographic.

There’s no confirmation of what this weapon is as it’s currently “classified.” That being said, the slight glimpse of the weapon looks very much like the SCAR, but again, there has been no official comment on the matter.

Modern Warfare Season 2 New Weapon

Activision has confirmed that this weapon will launch later on in the season. This presumably means it will arrive as part of the Season 2 content-refresh update.