Although season one is now approaching its final few days, there’s still no word on what’s coming with the next major content drop. Despite Infinity Ward remaining tight-lipped on the matter, the next post-launch season will launch very soon. With this in mind, here are our predictions for the Modern Warfare season 2 maps.

The first season of Modern Warfare brought a bevy of new maps to multiplayer, all of which were remakes of Call of Duty 4 maps. This has led many to believe that season 2 will follow suit with only MW2 maps. Likewise, season 3 will probably include maps from Modern Warfare 3.

Indeed, if this turns out to be the case, you can likely expect to see the following maps arrive as part of the next season.


Prior to the release of Modern Warfare, data miners discovered references towards Terminal within the in-game files. It’s now been multiple months since the release of the game, but there’s still no sign of the map. That said, it’s likely that Terminal will release as part of season 2.

Modern Warfare Terminal Map

For those of you who never played the map, it takes place at an airport. It originates from the controversial campaign mission called ‘No Russian’. After its success in MW2, the map was remastered as a free DLC map in MW3. Soon after this, the map appeared in Infinite Warfare – but with a very different appearance.


Similar to Terminal, data miners also discovered Rust within the PC in-game files a while ago. It appears as though this map will launch with season 2, but it’s unclear as to whether it will be available on Gunfight or standard multiplayer.

Modern Warfare Rust Map

It’s important to note that this map was removed from MP in MW2 due to how small it was, so it’ll likely fit the theme of Gunfight much better. However, Shipment, which is considerably smaller than Rust, is currently available in Modern Warfare. With this in mind, there’s no reason why Rust can’t launch in standard multiplayer.

Sub Base

Last but not least is another Modern Warfare 2 map which has previously been alluded to in the in-game files. Sub Base is a medium-sized map, which originated from the campaign mission ‘Contingency’. Hence the name, this map takes place on a snowy submarine base.

Although Sub Base isn’t one of the most popular maps in the franchise, if the map was to launch in Modern Warfare, it’ll certainly be exciting to see a snowy map in the game.

Modern Warfare Sub Base Map

Modern Warfare Season 2 will likely bring three maps to 6v6 multiplayer if the previous season is anything to go by. However, in addition to those maps, you can also expect to see brand new maps on other modes such as Gunfight.

We stress that the above are merely predictions for the Modern Warfare Season 2 maps. Infinity Ward is yet to confirm their existence, regardless of how many leaks suggest the maps are on the horizon.