While the release of Modern Warfare Season 2 is imminent, one fan has created a concept design for the update. In fact, the art looks so impressive that Infinity Ward themselves have even praised it.

Earlier this week, Infinity Ward announced that Simon “Ghost” Riley will be arriving in Modern Warfare Season 2. The iconic character will mark his return as a playable operator if a new teaser on the official Call of Duty account is anything to go by.

In addition to confirmation of the next operator, Infinity Ward also announced when the next season is coming out. Season 2 will officially release on February 11th, presumably at 10am PST / 6pm GMT.

As with every new season, you can expect to see a load of new weapons, maps, modes, and more added into the game. There are even some rumors of Battle Royale coming to Modern Warfare as well, but we shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves at the moment.

Fan-made COD MW Season 2 Concept Design

The fan-made artwork, as featured below, seems to follow the same pattern as Season One. Both the font and style, with the operator appearing at the front, resembles some of Infinity Ward’s official artwork for Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare Season 2 Concept

In the concept, you can see Ghost of Verdansk emerging from the smoke just behind the text ‘Season Two’. If you look closely, the classic Rust map from MW2 also seems to be engraved into the writing. This is because some have speculated that Rust appeared in the most recent teaser.

Overall, the design appears to very accurate, consisting of elements that are likely coming to Modern Warfare Season 2. Given how realistic the design looks, it’s fair to say the real thing won’t be too different.