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Modern Warfare Players Are Angry at Cold War’s Forced Inclusion

Modern Warfare players want Infinity Ward’s game to break the yearly Call of Duty cycle, and they’re angry at being treated as second-class citizens compared to Cold War fans.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare took the franchise by storm. A reboot of one of the franchise’s most iconic games, Modern Warfare managed to bring back a lot of older fans to the series once again. After years of sub-par releases, it saw tremendous success, thanks in part to its exceptional battle royale mode.

With over 85 million players, Warzone is Activision’s ultimate cash cow. Now, Modern Warfare players are beginning to feel abandoned as the publisher pushes the fan base towards their newer title.

Modern Warfare players angry at Cold War
(Source: Activision)

Of course, Warzone is still sticking around, but leaked Modern Warfare Season 7 content is showing players what could have been. Now their battle royale is infested with Cold War weapons that are too OP, and their game is becoming a walking advertisement.

Modern Warfare Is a Giant Black Ops Cold War Advertisement

Modern Warfare fans are angry that their favorite shooter is becoming a billboard for Black Ops Cold War ads. Not only can you see links to Cold War at every turn, but it’s even on the game’s main menu.

Those sticking to Modern Warfare over Cold War tend to prefer the game’s slower, more precise approach to gunfights. Although Black Ops Cold War is a much more “run-and-gun” title, it’s also criticized for looking less impressive graphically.

In fact, many users even consider Black Ops Cold War a downgrade from Modern Warfare in graphics.

Modern Warfare Cold War Ads
(Source: Blizzard)

So to go to load up Modern Warfare and see that the game’s name and icon on is now ‘Warzone’ is a bit of a kick to hardcore fans.

Instead of the future Modern Warfare content fans had hoped for, the new Battle Pass will only drop Cold War unlocks. Yes, you can use these guns in Warzone now, but the Modern Warfare days are over.

Is Modern Warfare 2 Coming in 2021?

Thankfully, players won’t have to wait long to continue getting their Modern Warfare fix. A new leak suggests that Modern Warfare 2 is likely to come in 2021.

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What’s more, the recent finale cutscene for Warzone even teases Modern Warfare 2. It won’t be long before players are dropping into the reboot of the single greatest Call of Duty title of all time.

Modern Warfare 2 Teaser
(Source: Activision)

However, fans shouldn’t expect too much from Infinity Ward right now. After all, the developer is likely being pushed to release the game in 2021, instead of the original 2022 plan.

This is because of Sledgehammer Games’ internal struggles leading the developer to lose their role as a lead development team. Treyarch stepped in to finish Black Ops Cold War, leading to the game feeling rather unfinished to many users.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1’s content drop is helping make up for the state of the game now, but Infinity Ward is likely facing similar issues in production. Fans should expect familiar assets and a lack of content in Modern Warfare 2.

Those that enjoy Activision’s battle royale can still enjoy the best gun in Warzone, without spending a penny. This should help players get their wins after the Warzone developer put out a secret nerf to two popular weapons.

Thankfully, whether you’re a fan of Warzone’s new Rebirth Island map or not, the original Verdansk is still sticking around.

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