Modern Warfare May 8 Update Adds Shipment 10v10, New Warzone Mode & More

Call of Duty Warzone May 8 Update

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Infinity Ward has released a new playlist update in Modern Warfare on Friday, May 8. This update introduces 10v10 Shipment, brings back helicopters in Call of Duty Warzone, and much more.

Call of Duty Warzone BR Stimulus Solos

With this new patch, Infinity Ward also puts a spin on Solos in Battle Royale. BR Stimulus Solos is now available in Call of Duty Warzone, but it comes at the expense of normal Solos. This new playlist removes the Gulag, so you must have $4,500 cash in order to respawn.

In addition to a new mode, other changes in Warzone includes adjusting the proximity of when the “enemy soldier incoming” callout takes place. The height and radius of when enemies are parachuting nearby has been reduced.

Helicopters Return

Earlier this week, Infinity Ward temporarily removed helicopters from Warzone Battle Royale. This was reportedly due to an under the map glitch, but now the vehicle has finally returned, it looks like the developers have fixed this glitch.

Call of Duty Warzone Helicopters

Shipment 10v10

It doesn’t get any more chaotic than this. Shipment, in the form of 10v10. Given the size of this classic map, you’re bound to be bumping into enemies left, right, and centre.

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Shipment 10v10 is available in the Shipment 24/7 playlist.

3v3 Gunfight Knives Only

Infinity Ward has previously confirmed the prospect of more Gunfight variants, and now, it looks a new one is available. 3v3 Gunfight is now live in the form of knives only. That said, scrap those guns and get in close proximity to your opponents.

Modern Warfare May 8 Patch Notes

You can check out the full patch notes for this playlist update, courtesy of Infinity Ward’s latest tweet.

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