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Modern Warfare Gunfight Tournaments Will Return With New Rewards

Time to get competitive in Modern Warfare.
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Modern Warfare‘s Gunfight mode provides a spin on the Call of Duty franchise. As Infinity Ward continues to update the game, the mode gets a few tweaks and improvements here and there. Earlier this week, they introduced a 1v1 variation of the popular mode, but now a tournament variation is on the horizon, once again!

Modern Warfare Tournaments Set to Comeback

Activision confirmed the prospect of Modern Warfare Gunfight Tournaments prior to the game’s release. The addition of Gunfight Tournaments recently arrived in the form of a beta phase, but they were removed as soon as they were released. Infinity Ward claims they needed to fix the bugs and issues surrounding the system, as well as implementing new rewards.

Now, Infinity Ward has confirmed that the feature will soon make a return. The community will welcome this with open arms, especially considering its return will also deliver a host of new rewards. Infinity Ward commented on the matter earlier today, via a recent tweet:

The company didn’t elaborate on when we can expect to see the system comeback. It seems as though its launch is set for the next update, but this is not confirmed. It’s also unclear as to whether it will be a permanent or limited-time addition within the game. Still, its return is certainly something you should look forward to.

Previously, the system entailed four different rounds if you reach the final. The system follows the same structure as other tournaments, consisting of a preliminary round, quarter-final, semi-final, and final.

Although the feature still received its fair share of popularity, there were some things holding it back. These include the wait time at the beginning of each tournament, for example. Hopefully, the upcoming version should have at least suppressed this at least by a little.

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Those who won the tournament last time will have received a Desert Eagle blueprint in addition to some other cosmetic items. These rewards are set to be taken one step further, so be sure to keep an eye out for more information.

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