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Modern Warfare Glitch Turns Players Invisible

Another major Modern Warfare glitch has emerged.
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Infinity Ward has kicked off 2020 in style, addressing upcoming changes and also updating the game more often. However, a new glitch has emerged in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and it involves turning players invisible. This has since received criticism after one player highlighted the problem in a recent video.

Modern Warfare Invisible Enemies

Reddit user TrueTingz discovered a game-breaking bug and provided evidence on the matter. The new video illustrates the player encountering invisible enemies in Modern Warfare. It’s unclear as to how or why this glitch is appearing. It seems to be occurring on PS4 or Xbox One more often than PC.

Invisible Enemies 100% Proof from r/modernwarfare

The video appears to showcase one user’s aim being dragged to the right, which usually happens if someone runs in front of you at close range. After this, an enemy seems to emerge out of nowhere to eliminate the player.

You can see that the enemy seems to only appear once they have scoped in, as shown in the kill cam. In the seconds before this when they are running towards the player, their character does not seem to even show.

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Alongside the video above, there was also another example of the bug which surfaced a while back. In this case, the player can be seen waiting for the enemy, although they only appear once eliminated. The opposition’s character does not seem to render properly until the very end of the clip, making them practically invisible.

Saw people complain about invisible enemies. Here’s my best example of it so far. from r/modernwarfare

Although this glitch is useful for players attacking, it can put others at an extreme disadvantage if you are on the receiving end. Think about it, it’s almost impossible to shoot at somebody when they don’t even appear in the first place.

Infinity Ward or any of the developers are yet to address this Modern Warfare glitch. But if there continues to be a lot of discussion regarding the matter, you can expect to see a patch for this in a future update. After seeing Infinity Ward’s efforts so far this year to please the community, they’ll for sure work on the problem.

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