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Modern Warfare Exploit Prevents Nameplate from Showing

This Modern Warfare glitch is giving players an advantage.
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Since the release of Modern Warfare, players have been complaining about nameplates. Player nameplates will often appear above their heads, giving their location away to the enemy rather easily. However, fans have discovered a new way to prevent this from happening.

In order to prevent your nameplate from showing in Modern Warfare, you’ll need to have a blank name. Players discovered this by a new post on Reddit, although it has since sparked quite a debate. While some say it’s simply unfair, others think it’s actually a pretty smart idea to gain a competitive edge.

User ‘Faaw’ has argued that Activision and Infinity Ward should consider patching the exploit, although the user still admits that it’s still a rather smart idea. The general consensus is that those who wish to go the extra mile to give them a competitive edge should be allowed. In fact, one user even asked how they could such a thing.

Please Activision Patch This ASAP (the visibility is bad as we know and people with 200IQ is using blank username to avoid red name on head) from r/modernwarfare

A different user notes that it’s not too worthy of a patch, considering nameplates only show about just over half of the time.

How to Change Name in Modern Warfare

To get an invisible nameplate, you’ll first need to know how to change your name in Modern Warfare. You can do this by completing the following steps.

It’s important to note that your PS4, Xbox One, and PC name is different from your Call of Duty one. This because your COD display name is linked to your Activision ID.

  • Head over to Activision/CallofDuty website and log-in or create an account if you don’t already have one.
  • Select Basic Info.
  • Select Edit next to your Activision ID.
  • Change your name to whatever you wish, then don’t forget to select Save.

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