How to Activate ‘Pied Piper’ Easter Egg on Cheshire Park in Modern Warfare

Thanks to the recent “Season Four Reloaded” update in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, players can now experience an all-new multiplayer map named Cheshire Park! This three-lane 6v6 map takes place in London, and it also welcomes a brand new easter egg to the game.

If you’ve been playing Cheshire Park lately, you’ve probably already encountered some rats on the ground. It looks like these are related to the new ‘Pied Piper’ easter egg.

While Infinity Ward often introduces new easter eggs, this one is a little different from the ones we’ve already seen.

Modern Warfare Cheshire Park Map Easter Egg

This easter egg begins at the very center of Cheshire Park where you’ll find a statue of the Pied Piper. We have highlighted this location in the image below.

Modern Warfare Cheshire Park Map Layout - Pied Piper Statue Location

Here’s a step-by-step on how to activate the Piper Piper easter egg on Cheshire Park in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

1. Shoot Five of the Mouse Traps

To begin with, you will need to shoot five of the mouse traps scattered around the map. Once you have found a mouse trap, shoot it so the next one can spawn.

Unfortunately, these mouse trap locations are completely randomized which makes this easter egg much harder to complete.

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Modern Warfare Cheshire Park Map
Image credit: Activision/Infinity Ward

It looks like they are more likely to appear in some locations more than others, including on the floor near bins or doorways. However, they can still theoretically appear anywhere.

2. Take Piece of Cheese

Once you have shot five mouse traps, a piece of cheese will spawn in the same place as the final trap. Please pick up this piece of cheese.

3. Take Wheel of Cheese

After picking up the piece of cheese, the game will spawn a cheese wheel in a random location.

You will need to take this cheese wheel back to the Pied Piper statue.

4. Place Offering to Pied Piper

Give the cheese wheel to the Pied Piper. Once you have placed the cheese wheel beneath the statue, a batch of candles will spawn onto the stone surrounding the statue.

This will then activate the easter egg where all of the rats in the area will circle the Pied Piper and eventually turn into what appears to be confetti.

Meanwhile, the Pied Piper will pick up the cheese and then begin to blow bubbles through the flute.

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