There’s still been no official word on whether Battle Royale is coming to Modern Warfare, but this new leak practically confirms it’s on the horizon. Check out at least two minutes of Call of Duty Warzone gameplay, courtesy of TheGamingRevolution.

The YouTuber notes that a Twitter user was able to provide him with the gameplay. It’s possible that the source of this gameplay was accidentally booted into a lobby, as seen yesterday when images of Warzone started to emerge.

Here’s Two Minutes of Call of Duty Warzone Gameplay

UPDATE – 22:40 GMT: Activision has now issued a copyright strike to TheGamingRevolution, so the gameplay is no longer available to view.

You can watch the footage from time stamp 2:41. Although it doesn’t neccasirly showcase anything substantial, it does provide some indication of what Battle Royale will be like.

The video mostly entails the player looting through various different crates. This gives us a glimpse of how Battle Royale’s Plunder system is going to work. In addition to this, it also shows a sneak peek at some of the weapons.

In a recent tweet, TheGamingRevolution also shared what appears to be audio of Call of Duty Warzone. It seems to reference Plunder, which is allegedly the name of the financial system used in Modern Warfare Battle Royale. The video mentions:

“Locate more Plunder. Plunder can be used in supply stations to buy killstreaks and other special items. Get to the supply station. Good work.”

Following this tweet, the YouTuber also shared an image of what appears to be the equipment available in the Supply Stations.

We wouldn’t recommend re-uploading the gameplay across social media, as Activision will likely issue copyright strikes. But again, there’s no way to officially verify the gameplay either way, as Infinity Ward is yet to comment on the matter.

If Battle Royale is indeed coming to Modern Warfare, it’ll likely release very soon.