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Player Reveals Modern Warfare Battle Pass Final Reward

Here's a look at the Modern Warfare Battle Pass final reward.
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With Season 1 of Modern Warfare now in full swing, one player has managed to complete the entire Battle Pass. Activision has remained tight-lipped on what the final reward is, but the player has thankfully shed light on the matter.

The Modern Warfare Battle Pass involves 100 tiers, allowing users to acquire a bevy of new items. The vast majority of rewards are merely cosmetic, although some tiers allow you to unlock new weapons.

While the prospect of 100 tiers might seem like a daunting affair to most players, the final reward should give you some indication as to whether or not it’s worth grinding through it.

Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass Final Reward

Over on Reddit, user ‘Damo240sx’ revealed that the final reward of the Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass is an animated emblem. Although it is technically just a cosmetic item, it’s worth noting that this emblem actually looks pretty cool. Not only this, there’s presumably no other way to get the emblem.

Completed battle pass and all the missions and got this! from r/modernwarfare

The emblem has a unique design, consisting of the words ‘Chemical Division’ on the side. There’s also a grim-reaper type character featured right in the middle, wielding a sword high above into the air. Of course, the emblem constantly changes color and flashes as it’s animated. There’s no doubt that this will entice some players into putting in the hard work, whereas others won’t be as interested.

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Activision left behind prestige in Modern Warfare, which means players rarely get to show off their completion of the game. Thankfully, you can equip this animated emblem to your account, letting other players know that you’ve maxed out on the Battle Pass.

To enhance your chances of reaching tier 100, Activision previously turned on double tier progression. There’s no doubt we’ll see more of these bonuses in the future. Unfortunately, there’s also an XP bug that prevents some players from earning tiers at all. Infinity Ward should have this resolved within the near future, however.

Season 1 ends towards the end of January or start of February, so you have at least another month to level up your Battle Pass. With every new season, there’s a host of different rewards up for grabs, so if you don’t manage to get this final rewards, you can always get the one next Season 2.

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