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Modern Warfare and Warzone Update 1.28 Patch Notes

The first title update for Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone since the release of Season Six is just a few hours away.

Version 1.28 will be available from October 13 at 11pm PDT / Oct. 14 at 2am ET or 7am BST on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and it looks as though it will come with some useful changes.

Most notably, this update will introduce mode-specific uninstall options for PC owners. It's no secret that Modern Warfare takes up more than its fair share of file size.

In fact, the title currently weighs in well-beyond 200GB, so this change should come in handy for those who only play some modes or if you're looking to free up some storage space in general.

All PlayStation 4 players should be able to pre-load this update ahead of its release tonight. The file size of this patch appears to be around 9GB for PS4.

Some players have reportedly been having less fun in Warzone Season 6, but hopefully, this update will spice things up a little.

Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 Roadmap

As per the Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 roadmap from Activision, the Halloween-themed event called Haunting of Verdansk will begin October 20. It's expected to bring new rewards and limited-time modes, including a night map.

Although this update comes one week in advance, perhaps it could be to prepare for the upcoming Warzone event.

MW & Warzone 1.28 Patch Notes



  • Ground War
  • Gunfight
  • Deathmatch Domination + Drop Zone
  • Gun Game TDM
  • HQ Firefight - teams can add to their score by capturing the headquarters and also by getting kills


  • Removing Blood Money Quads
  • Adding Plunder Quads


  • Fix for an issue where the “next unlocks” section was showing attachments out of order
  • Fixed an issue where teammates could spawn inside a closed off room on Broadcast
  • Fix for a bug where viewing the “Nevermore” execution in the menu could sometimes cause the animal model to get stuck
  • Fixed a bug where grenades could fall through the floor in the Foreman’s Office while on Mialstor Tank Factory
  • Fixed a lighting issue with the “Gilded Arm” variant from the Season Six Battle Pass
  • Fix for an issue where players could experience a crash after reaching wave 45 or higher in Survival mode
  • Improved stability for PC


  • Increased minimum damage at range on the Kar98 in Warzone
  • Reduced minimum damage at range on the SP-R 208 in Warzone


  • Fixes to help improve volume levels with War Tracks slider
  • Fixes to help prevent players from dying while completing the Subway puzzle
  • Fix for a bug where players might not be able to access Bunker 11
  • Fixed a gas mask bug when players attempt to complete the Station puzzle
  • Fix for a bug where using a self-revive near the doors on the subway train, they will clip out of the train but still be transferred to the next station
  • Fix for a collision bug near the entrance of the underground road on the West side of the airport
  • If a player dies post doors closing of the subway car, they will be pulled out of gulag by the fast travel system and then pulled back into gulag for a match once it is their turn. This has been fixed
  • Fix for an issue where the player's view could be forcibly moved when exiting a vehicle or parachuting
  • Fixed a bug where players could experience a crash after engaging with a Bounty contract

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The next major update probably won't come until the launch of next season. You can find out everything we know so far about Warzone Season 7 through the link.