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Modern Warfare Aimbots Are Causing Major Problems

A ban wave is needed in Modern Warfare.
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Modern Warfare has only been available for a few months, but now players have found ways to automatically aim against their opponents. A series of new posts have emerged, illustrating the detrimental impact Modern Warfare aimbots are having.

Players have been calling for Infinity Ward to ban anyone who uses an aimbot, while also sharing the videos to Reddit. In a recent post, user FrothyOP has released footage of one player who appears to automatically aim at the opposition.

Cheater on New Years day from r/modernwarfare

There have also been several other cases of this. In fact, a new video on Ground War illustrates one cheater wracking up plenty of kills within a matter of seconds. They are simply holding down the right trigger, while their Modern Warfare aimbot does the rest for them.

Aimbot in my first -attempt- at playing in the new year… woo, I give up. from r/modernwarfare

Another video also showcases the ridiculous advantage aimbots have. Unless you catch them unaware, it’s practically impossible to eliminate them in a 1v1.

Do people need to use aimbot at this time to be good? from r/modernwarfare

Unfortunately, aimbots work with all weapons. As showcased in this video, one player can be seen crouching on top of a roof while automatically sniping opponents.

Player using aimbot in ground war needs to be banned. from r/modernwarfare

Modern Warfare Ban Wave Needed

There’s no doubt that Infinity Ward is working to prevent cheating full-stop, but the influx of Modern Warfare aimbot is still causing major problems. Hopefully, the developers will ban a wave of aimbot users by the next patch.

Assuming Infinity Ward introduces a ban wave, players should notice several improvements within the game.

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Aimbots seem to generally affect PC users, rather than those on Xbox One or PS4. Although console has its fair share of issues, PC still seems to have received the short end of the straw.

Another bug also recently surfaced, allowing one player to see through walls and also shoot through them. Unlike the aimbot, this is an issue on the game’s behalf which can be resolved rather easily.

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