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Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ Mode Leaked With In-Game Screenshots

The long leaked DMZ mode for Modern Warfare 2 was finally shown with an in-game photo, all but confirming its existence.

We’re a few months away from the upcoming Modern Warfare 2. Despite an announcement trailer a few months ago, we’re still waiting for more news.

We have yet to see any multiplayer game, but after the huge success of MW 2019, many fans are eager to play.

And now, a multiplayer mode that has been leaked numerous times has been leaked again. But this time, with some photos.

MW2’s Multiplayer DMZ Mode Leaked by NFL Players

Found and shared by Twitter user @OmgFawzi, the image is a screenshot by an NFL player who has access to the unreleased game.

It appears to be a screenshot of an Instagram story, showing a blurry image of a Call of Duty lobby. However, on the top right of the screen, you can clearly see DMZ.

DMZ has been leaked before. The original leak of DMZ was by Tom Henderson, who shared the mode in December 2021. But this is the first piece of evidence to support the leaks.

Another leak also came from Cameron Dicker, another NFL player who shared a screenshot of the game on his Instagram. You can find the image below, which was shared on r/ModernWarfareII.

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What is Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ Mode?

DMZ is said to be an Escape From Tarkov-like mode, where players drop into a map, collect loot, and extract.

Modern Warfare 2's DMZ Mode Leaked by NFL Players

DMZ stands for demilitarized zone. This means it won’t matter which team a player belongs to.

If the mode follows games like Escape From Tarkov, players bring their existing loot in to help them secure more loot. But death means a loss of everything you brought with you.

While Activision is yet to officially announce DMZ and confirm its existence, many leaks have given us an insight into the mode. However, take all of these leaks with a pinch of salt until we get that announcement.

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