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Call of Duty Leaker Unveils Modern Warfare 2 Reveal Date

A new Modern Warfare 2 leak hints at a possible Modern Warfare 2 reveal date.

Activision and Infinity Ward recently confirmed Modern Warfare 2 existence by showing the game’s logo.

The developer had previously dropped some clues and showed some cryptic images hinting information about the title was coming soon.

Aside from the logo and the official name, there is a lot of mystery still shrouding the next entry in the Modern Warfare reboot.

Although, according to a prominent leaker, more details are coming soon in the form of an official reveal!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Captain Price
Infinity Ward / Activision

Leak Unveils Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Reveal Date

Prominent leaker, TheGhostOfHope, informed that according to their sources, a Modern Warfare 2 reveal trailer could drop on June 2.

The leaker also mentioned that another possible launch date for the reveal trailer could be May 30, which is on the same week.

It is worth mentioning June 2 is a Thursday. This day is the one Infinity Ward previously chose for the official logo reveal of Modern Warfare 2.

If the developer follows the same trend, we could probably see a Modern Warfare 2 reveal trailer on June 2!

Since Infinity Ward officially confirmed the logo and name, it is natural that more information for a solid reveal would come soon.

So, even if this leak misses to predict a date, more information is undoubtedly coming sooner rather than later.

Some weeks ago, industry insiders reported that playtests for Modern Warfare 2 were already planned.

All these leaks hint at an imminent reveal soon. Furthermore, leaks like

Nevertheless, take the dates with a grain of salt as Infinity Ward has not officially confirmed them.

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Hopefully, players will not have to wait long for an official Modern Warfare reveal!

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