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Modern Warfare 2 (2022) Could Release Earlier Than Usual According to Insider

According to an industry insider, this 2022 Call of Duty release, rumored to be Modern Warfare 2, could get an earlier release.

Call of Duty yearly releases is a given in the gaming industry. Even with the ongoing global situation, Activision released Call of Duty: Vanguard last year.

Recent leaks of this title indicate that the project is shaping up nicely and is far from a mere concept. For instance, leaks hinted at an Attackers vs Defenders mode that sounded like Rainbow Six Siege.

If these leaks are correct, this would indicate Activision is not afraid of trying new things with this iconic CoD franchise.

As we progress into the first days of 2022, even more leaks have surfaced. The latest insider information suggests that MWII could release earlier than usual.

Insider Suggests MW2 Could Release Earlier Than November 2022

According to the industry insider, Tom Henderson, the upcoming Modern Warfare II could release earlier than usual in October with a summer 2022 reveal.

Generally, Call of Duty titles are usually reserved for a November release. The last two entries of the series, Cold War and Vanguard, launched in November of their respective years.

According to Henderson, Activision could consider this move due to Vanguard’s poor sales performance.

Even though Activision has not confirmed the launch of its upcoming CoD title, this move would make sense to some extent.

Vanguard has undoubtedly not met players’ expectations. Despite its latest content update, gamers were disappointed with the Zombies ‘Void’ round-based survival mode.

Taking this into account, it is in the realm of possibilities that sales numbers for Vanguard could be below Activision’s expectations.

To help mitigate the underperforming sales figures, MWII could receive an October 2022 release.

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Some fans of the franchise have added that this might be a double-edged sword.

Lately, long-time Call of Duty fans have complained about quality issues in the franchise due to the yearly release schedule.

Players have repeatedly expressed they would rather wait for a good game than get a bad game quickly. An early release could be seen as a move that favors earnings over quality.

Fans have been hyped for MWII since its development became known to the public. It is certain players would rather wait a bit longer for a solid release.

If you can not wait for Modern Warfare 2 to release, you might want to know about all the recent leaks!

Not long ago, key art details for MWII leaked online. As well, a massive leak unveiled MW2 campaign and story details.

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