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Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer: Which Classic Maps Are Returning?

With more news about Modern Warfare 2 bubbling into the public eye, we can’t help but wonder which Modern Warfare classic maps will be making a reappearance.

Modern Warfare 2 has recently been given a release date and an exciting campaign reveal. With no multiplayer details revealed, speculation has run rampant in the Call of Duty community.

Long-time fans of the series have also been wondering if any classic maps from the series’ history will be returning. It’s been years since we’ve seen fan-favorite maps such as Terminal and Highrise in a mainline Call of Duty game.

Will Modern Warfare 2 finally see these all-time classic maps return?

Modern Warfare 2 Zombies

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Which MW2 Classic Maps Will Return?

We don’t yet know which classic maps will be returning, but we do have some leaks and cryptic information from Infinity Ward to help us speculate.

While Call of Duty has added multiple classic maps to Warzone as new POIs, Infinity Ward’s titles have been more reserved when it comes to remastering old maps.

Modern Warfare 2019 didn’t launch with any classic maps, waiting until its first battle pass season to introduce three remastered maps: Vacant, Crash, and Shipment.

Modern Warfare later added Rust, Scrapyard and Hardhat, bringing the total number of remastered maps to six.

If Infinity Ward keeps up this trend, then we’ll be seeing a decent number of classic maps in MW2. Add in the fact that Modern Warfare 2’s life cycle seems to be double-length, and we may get even more.

One remastered map has already been sneakily shown off, with Highrise appearing in Modern Warfare 2’s gameplay trailer.

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Highrise in Greyscale, viewed from above

Call of Duty GM Johanna Faries has since confirmed that this version of Highrise will be appearing in Warzone 2.

Does this mean that Highrise will only be in Warzone 2.0? One leaker says no.

In May 2022, a report from eXputer claimed that four classic maps would be returning in Modern Warfare 2, both in multiplayer and Warzone 2.

The leaker claims that Highrise, Quarry, Afghan and Terminal will all be returning from the original Modern Warfare 2. They also claim that there may be more classic maps appearing in Warzone 2.0, based on a group of leaked POI names.

If the news of Modern Warfare 2’s bonus-length life cycle is true, it’s likely that we’re going to be getting more remastered maps than ever before. Here’s hoping for Favela, Dome, and Hardhat.

Which classic maps are you hoping to see return? Let us know in the comments below.

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