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Modern Warfare 2 Massive DMZ Leak Teases Details & Video From Escape From Tarkov Mode

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is already confirmed to be dropping this year, but Activision still hasn’t revealed the rumored DMZ mode. Now, a new leak is teasing an array of new details for the game mode.

Alongside standard Multiplayer action and a Campaign, Modern Warfare 2 is also bringing with it an innovative new Warzone. Recently, we got massive leaks for Warzone 2’s changes over the original Battle Royale, and it sounds interesting to say the least.

But what we’re really interested in is the heavily-leaked but not-yet-revealed DMZ mode. Rumors state that MW2’s third mode is a take on Escape From Tarkov, much like Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone.

UPDATE: Modern Warfare 2 Release Date Confirmed With Official Artwork Trailer

Modern Warfare 2

Of course, Hazard Zone was dead on arrival, but we can only hope that DMZ, if indeed real, performs far better. And judging by these new details, there will be plenty to enjoy about the mode.

First Video Leak of MW2 DMZ Mode

According to a new leak from 4chan, complete with video evidence, MW2 will have a surprisingly in-depth DMZ mode.

DMZ, which stands for Demilitarized Zone, will allegedly be a similar game type to Escape From Tarkov. Players must infiltrate an area to loot, complete objectives, avoid or battle other players, and extract successfully.

The interesting thing about the new 4chan leak is that it also contains a video which could be our first in-game look at DMZ.

This comes just days after we got our first gameplay leak of MW2 Multiplayer!

Modern Warfare

The footage, which will likely be taken down before long, describes DMZ as ‘Tactical. High Risk. High Reward.’

It also reveals that the mode will have multiple biomes, including a forest and desert town. What’s more, a Day/Night Cycle also appears to be present in the extraction mode.

However, due to MW2 coming to last-gen consoles, the leaker warns not to expect a huge graphical leap.

Check out a mirror of the supposed DMZ in-game footage here! However, we expect that it will be taken down before long.

Update: It seems that the new DMZ footage has since been debunked! This likely means that the rest of the information is also fake, but we’ll need to wait and see.

MW2 DMZ Mode Details Leak: Gunplay, Graphics, Maps, & More

Besides the video, the 4chan leaker also had the following to reveal about the eagerly-awaited game mode.

It’s important to take any unofficial leak with a big pinch of salt, but this one is certainly rather convincing, especially with its video accompaniment.

Reportedly DMZ will feature 20-35 players in total, and Infinity Ward is pouring in as many resources into the mode as it is with Multiplayer.

DMZ seems to take a lot of inspiration from Tarkov, while attempting to remove a lot of the clunkiness. Attachments, armor types, and armor all matter in the mode.

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Modern Warfare Forest

COD fans will be happy to see a refined Gunsmith, with features such as a folding stock being able to unfold at the touch of a button. Interestingly, gun jamming will also allegedly be making its debut.

If a player is crouching in sand or dirt, they’ll get an increased chance of their weapon jamming, while attachments may serve to combat the issue. While this may increase the realism, we can see it being an unpopular addition to the experience.

Modern Warfare 2: DMZ Weight, Killstreaks, Perks

By adding more attachments, ammo, and a secondary weapon, players will also become slower in-game. It might be advisable to travel light to slide, mount, or travel around the DMZ faster.

It seems that killstreaks will also be present, called in from a random location in the map. Both killstreaks and certain perks will be team-based in nature.

For example, the Shot Caller perk will show an outline of enemies to nearby teammates, even through walls.

Modern Warfare 2

Allegedly, Infinity Ward is also experimenting with a teamwork system that would have pairs of teammates able to mount higher walls without a ladder.

Don’t forget that we just got a leak stating that DMZ will allow players to trade skins and blueprints too. If these recent leaks turn out to be true, it looks like DMZ is shaping up to be an incredible game mode.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the newest leaks for Warzone 2 including this report that classic MW2 maps will return in the new arena.

We’ve already heard that ‘groundbreaking innovations’ are coming in the Warzone 2 reveal. It sounds like Infinity Ward has more than a few tricks up its leave for MW2.

(Source: 4chan)

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