Infected is a Modern Warfare 2 game mode where one player is randomly chosen to spawn as an Infected and aims to eliminate and infect Survivors.

The Infected player loses their gun in favor of a Combat and Throwing Knife. However, should they manage to take down another player, that Survivor will become Infected too.

The game lasts until either all Survivors have become Infected or time runs out and the Survivors are victorious.

Thanks to its fast-paced nature, Infected is potentially the best mode to finish your Integrity challenge and unlock the new Crossbow!

The Infected team has an unlimited number of respawns, allowing them to rush the opposing team with no consequences. However, Survivors have only one life each as dying has them immediately join the Infected.

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Modern Warfare Infected

As such, while the Infected is initially easy to handle, their numbers can become overwhelming, much like an actual zombie horde.

To deal with the incoming threat, Survivors spawn with one of a number of weapons, such as Shotguns, SMGs, Assault Rifles, and even Snipers. They also have equipment such as Claymores and Stun Grenades to help protect themselves from the Infected.

Fan-favorite Call of Duty mode Infected arrived in MW2 on February 15 with the launch of Season 2.

How to Play Infected in MW2

  • Boot up Modern Warfare 2
  • Press Skip to close the Message of the Day pop-up
  • You may see Infected under the What’s Hot category straight away! If so, select it and you’re good to go.
How to Play Infected in MW2
  • If not, select Modern Warfare 2 from the Games list in the row below.
  • Then, find Infected in the Featured row and select it.
Where is Infected in MW2

If you can’t see Infected in either the Featured or Multiplayer lists, it could be the case that Infinity Ward has rotated the playlist out for the time being.

Even in these instances, the mode should still be available in private matches.

How to Play Infected in Private Matches

To play Infected in Private Matches, here’s what you need to do:

  • Boot up MW2 and close the Message of the Day.
  • Select Modern Warfare 2 from the Games list.
  • Find Private Match in the Multiplayer row.
  • Choose Create Match.
  • Select Alternate Modes.
  • Then, Infected is available to select!
Where is Infected Private Match MW2

How to Win in Infected MW2 Game Mode

The Survivor team wins if there is at least one survivor when the timer expires. However, only the Survivors left alive will win in this scenario.

The Infected team wins if all players have become Infected. Bear in mind that the moment you turn into an Infected yourself, you then must eliminate all Survivors to win the game.

How to Win in Infected MW2

Infected was first introduced in MW3 and was more recently available in Modern Warfare 2019.

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