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Modern Warfare 2 Footage Showcasing Vehicle Gameplay Leaks

Modern Warfare 2 footage has leaked showcasing what appears to be the new in-game vehicle mechanics for the upcoming shooter.

Activision has been relatively quiet when it comes to anything regarding Warzone 2 or MW2 multiplayer. Right now, all the attention is on the campaign for MW2 and the upcoming release.

But it seems that someone has leaked footage from one of the recent Activision playtests.

MW2 Leaked Footage

MW2 Footage Leaks Revealing New Vehicle Mechanics

The leaked footage showcases what appear to be new vehicle mechanics for Modern Warfare 2, including hijacking, vehicle damage, and more.

The video starts off with the player riding in the back of a truck and approaching another moving vehicle. From here, we see the player jump to the other vehicle and essentially hijack it. They throw the original driver out of the vehicle and continue onwards.

The player drives the vehicle and smashes into another vehicle showing noticeable vehicle damage. In past Call of Duty titles, usually, you’d see smoke build up and then complete wreckage.

From the footage, it appears that MW2 will now feature more dynamic vehicle damage. It also shows the player driving, getting out, and shooting at enemies.

There was also footage of the MP7 in Modern Warfare 2. The recording was too zoomed in to really see anything else, but it gives us a great visual of what the MP7 looks like.

MW2 Underwater Swimming Mechanic Leaked

The final piece of footage leaked showcased some underwater gameplay from the MW2 campaign. We’ve already had an official glimpse of this from Activision themselves, so nothing too surprising.

We’re still not sure if all the mechanics in Modern Warfare 2 will transfer over to Warzone 2, but considering Infinity Ward is developing both in their new engine, then it’s highly likely they do.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on MW2, then make sure to pre-order to earn early access to the Open Beta!

Those that pre-order digitally will also be able to access the campaign early and see the underwater missions for themselves.

Once MW2 releases, it’s likely we’ll start to see more Warzone 2 announcements leading up to its supposed release in November.

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