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Modern Warfare 2: Everything We Know – Release Date, Maps, Open Beta & More

The long-awaited reveal for Modern Warfare 2 has dropped, giving Call of Duty fans a huge amount of information to take in. Here you will find out everything we know about Modern Warfare 2.

The Modern Warfare 2 reveal trailer has brought in more than we expected, with Activision revealing single-player gameplay and story details.

New campaign missions and story details have also been revealed following the world reveal trailer.

Release Date

Most of the Call of Duty games are set to launch in mid-November, except Modern Warfare launching on October 25.

This time, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 release date is October 28, 2022, with Activision launching the game earlier than expected.

MW2 Everything We Know

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Game editions & Pre-order Bonuses

The only currently known pre-order bonus that has been revealed is the early access to the open beta.

Vault Edition

The Vault Edition is the highest-tier version of Modern Warfare 2 and has a price of $99.99 (or your regional equivalent) and it contains the following:

  • Open Beta Early Access
  • Red Team 141 pack – Multiplayer Operators: Ghost, Farah, Price and Soap – each wearing a special masked outfit
  • FJX Cinder Weapon Vault – We will know more details closer to launch
  • Season 1 Battle Pass and 50 Tier Skips for free
  • Ghost Legacy Pack – 12 Skins for the Ghost operator and 10 Tactical Weapon Blueprints for Modern Warfare (2019) and Warzone, immediately unlocked upon pre-purchase
  • In-Game Store Bonus: 10 Hours Double XP Tokens, 10 Hours Double Weapon XP Tokens at Launch

All the skins and extras coming with the Vault Edition are revealed in the in depth game editions guide, showing all skins included.

Standard Cross-Gen edition

The standard edition costs $69.99 (or your regional equivalent) and it contains the following

  • Open Beta Early Access
  • Cross-gen version of Modern Warfare 2 – This means that you will be able to play both on PS5 and PS4,  or on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One at no extra cost.
  • Open Beta
Modern Warfare 2 Everything We Know

A recent leak shows how to get early access to the Modern Warfare 2 Beta ahead of official information!

Movement Changes

Sliding Movement

If you’ve played 2019’s Modern Warfare, Vanguard, or Warzone, you will be familiar with the sliding movement.

This movement is very helpful to escape from danger or even to disorient your opponent. The sliding movement is making a return in Modern Warfare 2.

Diving Movement

Diving is another movement that has massive benefits on the Call of Duty saga. The Diving movement was last seen in World War 2, but long-time Call of Duty fans know that the Dolphin Dive was popularized in Black Ops.

The diving movement it’s coming back to Modern Warfare 2, to give players the ability to change up the way that they play and move around the map.

Swimming Movement

Modern Warfare 2 will bring the presence of water back into the saga. This feature completely changes the gameplay, as players now have another feature to take advantage of.

In Modern Warfare 2, players will be able to swim in water, however as far as we know, players will only be able to use Pistols and Melee while swimming underwater.

Ledge-hanging Movement

The new ledge-hanging movement will allow players to interact with the environment in many ways. This movement will allow you to pull yourself up from a ledge and peek over the top.

The ledge-hanging movement will give Modern Warfare 2 players more movement options to change the gameplay.

Modern Warfare 2

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Modern Warfare 2 (2022) Maps

Iconic Call of Duty maps will be coming to the new Modern Warfare 2 game. The all-time loved map Highrise was spotted in the world reveal trailer!

Multiplayer in Modern Warfare will feature two key styles of play: Battle Maps and Core Maps.

Battle Maps are large-scale maps, which will be POIs from the new Warzone Map.

Core Maps are built exclusively for 6v6 and will take place in locations around the world.

Meanwhile, the Warzone 2 map has been leaked, and it seems bigger than Verdansk and Caldera!

Modern Warfare 2

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Modern Warfare 2 New Engine

After Modern Warfare 2 official world reveal, Infinity Ward confirmed that the 2022 Call of Duty title will be built on a brand new engine.

Developers confirmed that the engine will be used for all the following Call of Duty games.

Warzone 2

There has been many rumors saying that Warzone 2 will launch the early months of 2023, like the original launch of Warzone which released during Modern Warfare Season 2.

Warzone 2 will not launch at the same time as Modern Warfare 2. However, Infinity Ward confirmed that it will launch in 2022.

More news about Warzone 2 will be coming in the following weeks, meanwhile here is everything we know about Warzone 2.

MW2 Everything We Know

Here is everything we know about Modern Warfare 2 so far.

Finally, a leakers claims that skill-based matchmaking will improve in Modern Warfare 2.

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