Drop Zone is a popular Call of Duty party mode where MW2 players must hold the Drop Zone to gain points for their team.

For every 15 seconds that a team holds the Drop Zone, a care package containing one of the many MW2 killstreaks will drop near the DZ.

In Drop Zone, for every team member inside the designated DZ, you will earn 20 points per second. Similarly to Hardpoint, the zone will switch to a new location every sixty seconds.

With six per team, you can earn a maximum of 120 points per second, and the first team to hit the 7500 points threshold will win the match.

Holding the Drop Zone is very important, with care packages dropping from the sky every 15 seconds. Collecting killstreaks will let you get more kills and hold the Drop Zone longer.

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How to Play Drop Zone in MW2

  • Load up Modern Warfare 2.
  • Press Skip to close the pop-up for Message of the Day.
  • Drop Zone may be under the What’s Hot tab on the first page. If so, click it and search for a game.
  • If it is not there, select MW2 from the Games category and scroll through the Featured tab until you find Drop Zone.
  • Select the mode and start searching for a match.
MW2 Drop Zone location

If you have followed these steps and Drop Zone does not appear as a playable mode, it may have been rotated out of the playlist pool by Infinity Ward.

If the mode is not available to play currently, you can always load up Drop Zone in a private match.

How to Play Drop Zone in Modern Warfare 2 Private Matches

To play a game of Drop Zone in an MW2 private match, here is what you will need to do:

  • Load up Modern Warfare 2 and close the Message of the Day.
  • Enter MW2 through the Games list on the first page.
  • In the Multiplayer tab, select Private Match.
  • Select Create Private Match.
  • Scroll to Alternate Modes.
  • Drop Zone will be available to select.
Drop Zone private match MW2

How to Win in Drop Zone MW2 Game Mode

To win in Drop Zone in MW2, your squad must gather more points than the opposing team. To earn points, players must be inside the Drop Zone.

Each squad member gets 20 points per second while inside the Drop Zone, for a maximum of 120 points per second if all six players are present.

Once the maximum points total has been reached, or the timer runs out, the team with the most points will be declared the winner.

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