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Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Trailer Reveals Underwater Gameplay & Dynamic Level Design

Summer Game Fest is here, and with it, we got our first look at the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign and what we can expect from the gameplay.

One of the most anticipated trailers of the Summer Game Fest was the official Modern Warfare 2 gameplay level reveal.

The gameplay for MW2 will reveal what we can expect from the upcoming Warzone 2.0. So it was something that many Call of Duty players tuned in for.

And Infinity Ward did not disappoint. The Modern Warfare 2 campaign gameplay trailer had a little bit of everything.

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Swimming Modern Warfare 2

MW2: Campaign Trailer Reveals Operation Dark Water Gameplay

The newest campaign trailer for Modern Warfare 2 showcased Soap on an operation to retrieve a missile from a cargo ship.

During the gameplay trailer, we saw our first look at how gunplay would play out in MW2. From what was shown, it seems to be very smooth, with a lot of work implemented into the overall sound design.

The mission also showcased some underwater gameplay, so it will be interesting to see if Warzone 2.0 also has some underwater areas around the map.

The gameplay level took place in what felt like a new version of Wet Work, one of the iconic maps from the original MW2. During the mission, there was a segment where the entire ship swayed.

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Modern Warfare 2 Key Art Operators

Dynamic Level Design in Modern Warfare 2

We also saw multiple times where Soap and his team had to adapt to their situation which resulted in different gameplay mechanics. At one point he rappelled down to a speedboat and drove his team towards the enemy ship.

It’s safe to say Modern Warfare 2 will be more dynamic and lifelike than any of the games before it.

If you’re anxious to see it for yourself, you won’t have to wait long since the MW2 release date is quickly approaching.

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Call of Duty GM Johana Faires also revealed that one of MW2’s most iconic maps would be present in Warzone 2.0.

And Modern Warfare 2 will mark a return to Steam for the popular FPS. Furthermore, players hoping to keep all their COD Points after the transfer will be disappointed.

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