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Modern Warfare 2 Beta Crashing Repeatedly on PlayStation – Potential Fix

The Modern Warfare 2 Beta just launched today, but unfortunately, it didn’t take long for players’ games to start crashing.

Modern Warfare 2 is the newest title in the Call of Duty series, and it looks to completely reinvigorate the series.

Many fans weren’t happy with Vanguard, so MW2 is a chance for Call of Duty to redeem itself. But that might be difficult due to the current issues going on with the MW2 Beta servers.

MW2 Open Beta Early Access PSN Connection Issues

Players on PS4 and PS5 are reporting that the Modern Warfare 2 Beta is constantly crashing and preventing them from logging in to start a game.

This MW2 beta issue seems to be happening when:

  • Starting up the Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta for the first time.
  • Launching the MW2 beta and trying to start a game.

This is the first time Modern Warfare 2 is available to the public, so it’s no surprise that it’s experiencing a few hiccups. Errors are very coming during betas and more so during the first day.

Here is what you may encounter when trying to start Modern Warfare 2 Beta:

  • “Something went wrong with this game or app.”
  • “An error has occurred in the following application. (CE-34878-0) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II: BETA”

MW2 Beta Crashing Potential Fixes

Here are a few fixes that players have found for the Modern Warfare 2 Beta crashing issues on PS4 & PS5 that may potentially work for you:

  • Delete and reinstall the Modern Warfare 2 Beta application.
  • Head to your Saved Data settings on the PS4/PS5 and delete all the saved data from the beta.
    • PS5:
      • Head to Settings on the top right of your PS5 home page
      • Scroll down to “Saved Data and Game/App Settings”
      • Select “Saved Data (PS5)”
      • Click on “Console Storage”
      • Select “Delete”
      • Scroll down to Modern Warfare 2 Beta and select “Delete” on the right side
    • PS4:
      • Head to Settings from your PS4 home page
      • Scroll down to “Application Saved Data Management”
      • Choose either System Storage or USB Storage
      • Scroll down to Modern Warfare 2 Beta and place a tick on the box.
      • Select “Delete”
  • Switch to a completely different PSN account to play the MW2 Beta.

Follow these steps, and you should potentially stop the application from crashing.

Currently, the MW2 Open Beta is only available to PS4/PS5 players that were able to obtain early access. If you’re not on PS4/PS5, then you’ll need to wait a whole week until you can access the beta for yourself!

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