Call of Duty MW3 feels more like an updated Modern Warfare 2 than a new experience, but will Battle Pass Tier Skips transfer to the upcoming game?

Battle Pass Tier Skips are the tokens that allow players to redeem rewards in the latest COD Battle Passes, for MW2, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile.

This new system allows users to select which tiers they unlock first, and even allows players to get a head start on future Battle Passes! But will leftover Tier Skips roll over into MW3?

Do MW2 Battle Pass Tier Skips Transfer to MW3?

Yes, it appears that MW2 Battle Pass Tier Skips will transfer from MW2 to MW3 on launch day.

Although Activision hasn’t commented on this exactly, the official Call of Duty Twitter (now X) account states that MW3 will launch with the current Season 06 Battle Pass still active.

Season 6 Battle Pass MW2

Therefore, it’s clear that both MW2 and MW3 share the same Battle Pass system, and progress does carry over.

What’s even more interesting is that those who complete the latest MW2 Battle Pass may well be able to earn Battle Pass Tier Skips for MW3 Season 1.

The major update is leaked to release on December 5, 2023, and will bring Modern Warfare 3’s premiere Battle Pass to MW3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile.

In MW2, if you continue to earn tokens after completing the Battle Pass, you’ll be able to carry over those tokens to the following season.

We don’t see any reason why tokens earned in the current season wouldn’t be valid for MW3 Season 1, but that’s yet to be confirmed. We’ll update this article if any new information is revealed.

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