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Modern Warfare 2 Attackers vs Defenders Mode Leak Sounds Like Rainbow Six Siege

It seems that Call of Duty 2022 is going to have a Rainbow Six Siege mode, according to new leaks for Modern Warfare 2.

We’re barely halfway into Call of Duty Vanguard Season 1 and already fans are discussing leaks for the next game. We’ve known for a while that COD 2022 is Modern Warfare 2, although Activision is yet to confirm anything about the game.

Despite this fact, we actually know a considerable amount of details about what’s supposedly to come in this year’s title.

Check out these leaked Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer details – including weapons, maps, and more!

Modern Warfare

Now, a new leak reveals that Modern Warfare 2 may be taking inspiration from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege with a new Attackers vs Defenders mode.

Modern Warfare 2 (2022) Attackers vs Defenders Mode Leaks

New leaks for Call of Duty 2022 reveal that Modern Warfare 2 may have an Attackers vs Defenders game mode.

It seems that not only are we getting huge leaks for the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign and story, but Multiplayer will have a lot to offer too.

In addition to the standard Multiplayer offerings, it seems that a new Attackers vs Defenders mode will also be present in Modern Warfare II.

Leaker RalphsValve reports that the mode will pit two teams against each other, similar to Rainbow Six Siege gameplay. On a map similar to Call of Duty 4’s CQB test but “much larger in scale” Attackers will attempt to reach and secure a location while Defenders protect it.

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Modern Warfare CQB Test

The Attackers team will each receive a role with one nominated Team Leader. It appears that roles can be switched between rounds in a Debrief period too.

Meanwhile, Defenders will work together to slow down or entirely halt the Attackers. To do so, they’ll be able to utilize hidden locations, boobytraps, and cameras, much like Siege operators do.

Modern Warfare 2 Destruction Similar to Rainbow Six Siege

Also clearly inspired by Rainbow Six is the destruction system. Areas will allegedly be fortifiable, and some walls will likely therefore be entirely destructible.

RalphsValve also mentions a new Condition system coming to the Modern Warfare 2 mode. Players can receive injuries, being Critically Injured or Mortally Wounded in battle.

Modern Warfare

Attackers will even have Tourniquets to aid fallen teammates although reviving your allies will take time. And with a limited time to complete the objective, sometimes leaving the fallen behind may prove to be the better play.

Of course, it’s important to note that none of this information is confirmed just yet. But if Modern Warfare 2 really does take inspiration from Rainbow Six, we’re eager to see how the mode turns out.

Hopefully, it’ll prove to be more of a success than Battlefield 2042 attempting to emulate Escape From Tarkov. Players are already reporting that Hazard Zone is a bigger disaster than Firestorm.

Meanwhile, the title image for Modern Warfare 2 is already leaking early! And if you had any doubts as to whether or not Infinity Ward is working on a follow-up to 2019’s Modern Warfare, just take a look.

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