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Mizkif’s Reverse Twitch Subathon Ruined By Rihanna

It’s not every day you read a headline like this, but it appears that Mizkif’s reverse Twitch subathon has been ruined by none other than Rihanna herself – kind of.

Twitch is in an odd place right now. It’s an incredible time for streaming, and content-creators everywhere are reaching new heights and entertaining fans throughout the ongoing pandemic.

Just the other day, we crowned a new number one streamer on Twitch, with the most popular channel in recent history rising to fame. And now, other streamers are following in his footsteps.

In fact, Mizkif recently began the world’s first ‘reverse subathon’ on Twitch. In this challenge, the user attempted to beat 10 games in 10 days, but every new subscriber removes 12 seconds from his clock.

If the user doesn’t accomplish his goal, there’s $75,000 up for grabs too.

It’s an interesting idea, and something many users were eager to see come to fruition. However, the stream has had a hiccup only a handful of days in as Mizkif’s reverse subathon was ruined by Rihanna herself.

Right now, fellow streamer Ludwig has been live for roughly 12 days without break! And for all his work becoming the top Twitch streamer, Ludwig is earning a shockingly low amount of money from his ongoing subathon.

Like Mizkif though, the streamer is likely doing the subathon to grow their audience, not to raise money. Perhaps that’s why he’s now banning Twitch subathon watchers who gift too many subs.

Mizkif Pauses His Reverse Subathon Thanks to Rihanna Music Video

The point of a subathon is to stay online at all times, but Mizkif recently went offline thanks to a Rihanna music video.

What’s more, the popular streamer also had to delete the VOD of the subathon itself, for breaking Twitch guidelines.

While this seems like an over-the-top reaction, you can never be too careful where Twitch rules are concerned. After all, the platform is known for its controversial bans and demonetization.

Live on Mizkif’s stream, the user was watching a Rihanna music video from the song ‘Work’. And in the video itself, Rihanna’s clothing is a little too see-through for Twitch rules.

(Source: Mizkif)

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Realizing this, Mizkif immediately ends his stream and goes offline for an hour in damage control. It appears that the VOD of the reverse subathon in question is no longer available.

Mizkif jokingly tweeted out at Rihanna after the whole ordeal went down, asking the music icon if she was “f*cking serious.”

The stream is active once again now, with thousands of viewers watching Mizkif sleep as of this article’s writing. It seems that no matter what, Mizkif is prepared to put in the work work work work work…

Recently, we saw Mizkif get knocked offline on Twitch, thanks to the Texas storms. It was during this time that Mizkif also kicked out a fellow streamer for his racist, transphobic, and anti-Semitic history.

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