Director Hidetaka Miyazaki discusses the potential of Elden Ring 2 and FromSoftware’s future in a new interview.

Elden Ring finally launched in February 2022 to resounding success. After a lengthy delay, fans finally got their hands on the latest FromSoftware game, and it was everything we were hoping for and more.

In an industry filled with unfulfilled promises and failure to deliver, Elden Ring managed to go above and beyond expectations. The game’s world is far larger than we had reason to believe it would be, and players are still finding secrets in the Lands Between.

Recently, we compiled a list of all the biggest Elden Ring DLC rumors and we’re still eagerly awaiting that reveal. But in the meantime, Director Hidetaka Miyazaki is discussing the game’s sequel and the future of FromSoftware.

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Elden Ring

Elden Ring 2: Could FromSoftware’s Game Get a Sequel?

In a new interview with Japanese news site 4Gamer, Hidetaka Miyazaki had a lot to say about the success of Elden Ring and hinted that FromSoftware is not certain Elden Ring 2 is their next step.

4Gamer points out that a potential Elden Ring 2 would likely be a hot seller despite the initial game being a risk to create. After all, given how many copies of Elden Ring have been sold so far, it’s fair to say the game made more than enough money to warrant a follow-up.

However, the interviewer also mentions that even Dark Souls went some time without getting a sequel.

Miyazaki responds that the consideration of a sequel is done on a “case-by-case basis”. There are merits to both releasing a game with the number 2 after its name, and in creating a new title entirely.

“The deciding factor for the choice I made earlier is, after all, “whether we want to make it.”

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Hidetaka Miyazaki

Right now, it seems that Miyazaki and the team at FromSoftware aren’t certain if Elden Ring 2 is the next step. But the development studio has its hands full with another big project already.

We imagine that fans would certainly like to see a sequel making improvements to Elden Ring’s most significant issues. But perhaps a new game entirely would be just as good.

New FromSoftware Game in Final Stages of Development

Around the time that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice released, FromSoftware teased that it was working on 2 unrevealed titles. One was Elden Ring, we now know, but the other is yet to be announced and seemingly in the final development stages.

Miyazaki states that “development is also in the final stages.” It might not be long before we see another FromSoftware release, although Hidetaka Miyazaki himself is not the Director of the upcoming project.

In a new tweet from FromSoftware earlier today, the developer revealed that it’s recruiting staff for multiple new projects.

And, as some eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice, the Character Designer role specifically mentions ‘mecha design’. With that in mind, could the long-rumored Armored Core sequel be dropping next?

Early this year, we did see a major leak for a Soulslike game that sounded like a new Armored Core. But it’s also possible that the upcoming title will be something different entirely.

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