Here’s a breakdown of all the MW3 Campaign missions, as well as how many there are to play through in this year’s Call of Duty title.

The wait is finally over, and Modern Warfare 3 (2023) has arrived. Fans can now jump into the continuation of MW2’s storyline, which sees the remnants of Task Force 141 go up against Makarov.

But how many missions does the new MW3 Campaign have? We’ve got the answer below:

How Many Missions Are There?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, AKA MW3, has a total of 14 Campaign missions.

It’s worth noting that 8 of these are traditional Campaign levels, and 6 are new ‘Open Combat Missions’.

MW3 Planting Bomb Underwater in Campaign

We’ll break down exactly what this means below, but first, here’s a list of every mission in MW3:

Full Mission List

  • Operation 627
  • Precious Cargo – Open Combat Mission
  • Reactor – Open Combat Mission
  • Payload
  • Deep Cover
  • Passenger
  • Crash Site – Open Combat Mission
  • Flashpoint
  • Oligarch – Open Combat Mission
  • Highrise – Open Combat Mission
  • Frozen Tundra
  • Gora Dam – Open Combat Mission
  • Danger Close
  • Trojan Horse

What Does Open Combat Mission Mean?

Open Combat Missions are new types of Campaign levels, introduced in MW3 (2023). These new missions give players objectives to complete, but unlike standard levels, the missions offer players a degree of freedom with which to complete them.

Users are able to utilize and change loadouts, find and use new gear and killstreaks, and handle the mission however they choose.

Should you prefer, it’s possible to handle the mission stealthily or retreat from enemy fire mid-gunfight until they stop searching for you.

Those who go in guns blazing may also find themselves dealing with summoned reinforcements.

After completing an Open Combat Mission, players can customize a fresh loadout with items found in prior playthroughs, and attempt the mission once again.

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