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Missing PS5 Features at Launch – When Will They Be Added?

The PS5 has now been out for 48 hours and has received a positive reception from fans and critics. But as the console is still in its infancy, not every feature is available right out the box.

While not all of the below features are confirmed, in time we think each is a safe bet for future updates. Either because the PS4 utilized them or Sony have said as much.

Let’s examine which missing PS5 features are causing the biggest stir online:

Media Player App

Both the PS3 and PS4 featured a media player. This allowed owners to plug a USB stick into the console and play media through it. For example, those who had movies saved to their computer in MP4 format could play them through their TV; using their PlayStation.

While streaming is largely replacing any need for this feature. Some users will still enjoy it and will miss it at launch. Although Plex may offer an alternative to some PS5 owners.

It took the PS4 a long time to add this feature, so Sony could abandon it completely. But we feel like it’s not a big ask, and that Sony will eventually accommodate.

Sony gifts fan PS5

Expandable Storage Space

We know expandable storage is coming to PS5. Out of all the missing PS5 features, this one is a guarantee. That’s because we’re going to need it!

While the PS5 comes with a generous SSD, games are ballooning in size. Even those who are using PS5s with a disk drive will fill it up once they have enough games.

The PS5 has an additional storage bay to accommodate an extra drive, but at present there are no compatible SSD devices. We don’t think this will be the case for long.

Save Game Back-Up

PS5 save game are currently under lock and key. PS4 users were able to move them over to a USB stick anytime they wanted, as well as storing them on the cloud. Although this was only if they paid for PS Plus.

We imagine that this missing PS5 feature will be added soon. Users will soon be able to store saves on the cloud, it also seems likely that external back-up options will be added alongside Expandable Storage.

1440p Ultra HD Capability

We discussed this missing PS5 feature in detail earlier this week. At launch PS5 will not feature 1440p output, meaning some monitor users will be forced to go back to 1080p or buy a 4K monitor.

The console will support HD and 4K gaming at launch, but any ultra HD settings in-between will not be supported.

Sony have stated they didn’t feel like it was an essential feature and that they wanted to prioritise players using 1080p and 4K. But they’ve also suggested it may be something they will add in future updates.

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