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Minecraft’s Steve Comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Today – Plus How To Choose Your Biome

The next addition to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster arrives today, as Minecraft’s Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman join the fight!

The Minecraft/Super Smash Bros. Ultimate crossover is the latest update to the games Fighters Pass Vol 2 DLC. Following in the footsteps of Min Min who was revealed back in January.

Minecraft’s Steve and his blocky pals will also bring a brand-new arena with them. But it will have a twist…

The new Minecraft World stage will have multiple ‘Biomes’, each based on classic Minecraft maps. Essentially, Minecraft World will be 6 stages in one.

Here’s what they’ll each look like:

How To Select Your Chosen Biome

Each Biome in Minecraft World can be left to appear at random, but should a player wish to select a particular one then they can by pressing certain buttons on the stage selection screen.

Here’s a breakdown of how to select each one:

  • By pressing and A, then the player will select the Plains Biome.
  • By pressing L, R, and A, then the player will select the Birch Forest Biome. This one contains wild animals.
  • By pressing L, A, and up on the left stick, then the player can select the Savanna Biome.
  • Pressing L, A, and right on the left stick, then the player will select the Taiga Biome.
  • By pressing L, A, and down on the left stick, then the player will select the Snowy Tundra Biome.
  • Finally, by pressing L, A, and left on the left stick, then the player can select the Stone Shore Biome.
Smash Ultimate Characters

Players will also be able to interact with the new stage in novel new ways which Minecraft players will feel right at home with. The stage can be selected by Minecraft’s Steve or any other character from the roster.

However only Steve and his chums will have abilities based on Minecraft itself. Other characters will be able to take advantage of the environment though to score some extra damage.

Naturally these skills will be used to mine, craft and to gain an advantage over their adversaries in combat.

What Time Will Minecraft’s Steve Release?

This helpful image reveals when the characters will arrive in each time zone today:

Steve and Alex Super Smash Bros Release Times
Steve and Alex Release Times

So if you've ever wondered who'd win in a fight between Bowser and a pixelated zombie, now you can! Anyone who's played Minecraft's various survival modes will no doubt have their money on the zombie.

There's a lot more to this Minecraft pack than just Steve, Alex and the new arena. The pack offers much more.

We’ve also provided a full breakdown of what else Minecraft’s Steve will bring to Super Smash. Bros Ultimate, when he arrives today.

More characters are also set to join in the near future. You can read our speculation on who going to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster next here.

The biomes can also be seen in more detail on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Twitter page.