Coding with Minecraft Book Review

Coding with Minecraft Book Review

Coding with Minecraft is a very interesting book designed to help kids learn several things. It starts with explaining the process of installing Minecraft, and how to install a mod for Minecraft. Specifically this mod is Computercraft, and it is the object that this book was wrote about. Also, it teaches kids a code called Lua, and how to use it. Starting with simple basic codes and expanding into more complex codes. The codes are used to program these things called turtles, which are robots. They perform tasks that the player would normally have to spend hours on end doing themselves.

Coding with Minecraft Book Review

To start with, Coding with Minecraft begins at the very beginning of the Minecraft. If someone who never even played a minute of it read this book, they would understand basically what you should be doing to get a start in the game. Say you’ve never installed a mod for a game, well they have that covered too. Coding with Minecraft makes it so easy to jump into this and take off running, especially considering most of Minecraft is exploring and learning what to do.

But wait a minute. What is this Computercraft mod? In the Computercraft mod you have a computer that the mod had named a turtle. By the end of the book you can program these turtles to move around, dance, chop down a tree or run your very own tree farm, build a cobblestone generator, construct buildings (from the blocks to the walls, ceilings, and floors making rooms and the materials in which to do it),  robotic farm, and a staircase miner. All of this is achieved using the Lua programming language.

So, now you have Minecraft and the Computercraft mod installed. Things are about to get super complicated, or so it would seem. Luckily Coding with Minecraft does an awesome job getting you into programming the turtle computers rather quick. The turtle computers come standard with a few basic programs already ready to go. Now, the first thing you learn to do is name your turtle. A simple single line of code. Of course, the further you progress the harder the code gets. Fortunately, the coding process is explained very well. Someone could easily change the text from the code in the book to whatever it is that they want the computer to do. For example, the book shows how you make a wheat farm, but it would be possible to exchange the wheat for something else (carrots, potatoes, cane, whichever).

Coding with Minecraft, brings to light this mod which makes the things in Minecraft that take so long to do but are very time consuming so much faster. Coding with Minecraft packs fifteen chapters in 205 pages. Surprisingly they were able to explain everything in that small space. While Coding with Minecraft is an educational book, it is also a delightful read. If you had no intentions of installing the mod and doing everything in the book it is still very interesting to read about the processes and reasons why you would take the time to do the things it shows. Definitely a must read for anyone who has any interest in Minecraft.


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