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New Mind-Blowing IP Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is about to get better than every, with a new mind-blowing IP dropping on the service soon.

Since its launch, Xbox Game Pass has been one of the best subscription services on the market, and certainly the top gaming subscription. For a monthly fee, players get access to hundreds of titles, across both PC and Xbox consoles.

What’s more, you can now play Xbox games on your mobile phone thanks to xCloud streaming. And it’s even rumored that you’ll soon be able to use Xbox Game Pass on other consoles too!

Not only does the service contain a variety of third-party games, but all original Microsoft IPs are also dropping on Day One on Game Pass. And while we know about some major players such as Halo Infinite and The Elder Scrolls 6, there’s more to come that we are yet to hear about.

Xbox Game Pass Mind-Blowing IP

Now, Microsoft is even teasing a new mind-blowing IP coming to Xbox Game Pass in the future…

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New Xbox Game Pass Title Will “Blow Your Mind”

In a new interview with GamesRadar, Xbox head of gaming services Ben Decker confirms a new game is currently in the works.

Commenting that having brand new games coming to Xbox Game Pass at release is the reason many users subscribe, Decker promises you won’t be disappointed with this upcoming launch. It appears that Xbox is listening closely to its fan base, in order to keep the insane number of active Game Pass subscribers happy.

After making some investments in the future of Xbox Game Pass, it’s clear that Microsoft plans to expand the service. And that the company is putting some serious manpower into creating new experiences for fans.

“We have 23 studios across Xbox and Bethesda, working on Halo, Forza, Fallout, and new IP that we haven’t even talked about yet that is gonna blow your mind. We can deliver all of that into Game Pass on Day One.”

xbox game pass
(Source: Xbox)

It’s no wonder that Sony is already working on a ‘counterpunch’ for Xbox Game Pass right now.

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It’s possible that we’ll get to see this new mind-blowing Xbox IP at E3 2021, given that Microsoft will be attending. The company joins the extensive E3 2021 roster among other big names, but Sony is notably not going to be present.

When asking fans what they want from Xbox Game Pass, the number one answer is simply “games”. It should come as no surprise then, that Xbox is attempting to deliver that in a big way.

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Excitingly, Xbox users can now reserve an Xbox Series X/S console if they’re an existing Xbox One owner. And if you’re having no luck, there’s a new place to find the Xbox Series X/S this week!

(Source: GamesRadar)

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