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Midnight Ghost Hunt Preview

Check out what we thought of the Early Access title, Midnight Ghost Hunt, in our preview!

When it comes down to it, there is an abundance of Prop Hunt-type games or mini-games within other titles. Even so, there are plenty of multiplayer horror-inspired games coming out in 2022. However, one of those that flew below the radar was from Vaulted Sky Games, a newly formed studio. Their game, Midnight Ghost Hunt, takes numerous elements from games similar to it but makes it more refreshing than before.

Key Features

Midnight Ghost Hunt – Early Access Review

Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Hunters!

Midnight Ghost Hunters is a multiplayer-only experience. There is no story, no overarching plot, and no lore (at least, not that I know of!). But what you get is some matches of chaotic ghost hunting or hunter haunting. And sometimes, it’s the simple things that matter the most.

Teams are split into two teams of four: four hunters, and four ghosts. Both teams have a lot of options for weaponry, from the hunters having salt shotguns, spectral cannons, and a minigun, to the ghosts having the ability to turn typical objects into homing traps, creating demonic hands that capture hunters on the spot, or the ability to transform into a spirit and fly away from situations.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Preview Hunter Shooting
Vaulted Sky Games

Both Hunters and Ghosts also have either a gadget or a haunt, which allows them to help other hunters or make it easier to fight ghosts or create distractions after death respectively. Plus, there are plenty of perks for either side which help for different gameplay styles and situations.

Each of these matches can take upwards of 10 minutes, with kills, assists, trapping, and cooperative play earning you points. You also gain in-game currency called Shards. These Shards are used to purchase the different tools for your loadout, as well as cosmetics that you want for either team. But how does the actual gameplay feel?

Think Before You Spook

Normally, when games offer me the choice between standard gunplay and supernatural abilities, I’ll choose the latter. If I don’t have that choice, I definitely prefer using powers over normal weapons. But Midnight Ghost Hunt does a great job at balancing the fun for either side, and I never felt like I preferred one or the other.

Ghosts are certainly fun to play. Tricking hunters into thinking you’re one of them after narrowly escaping your doom or simply being the only prop left standing in a room. Even in death, you can help your team by slowing hunters or pushing objects over. I actually laughed out in joy when I tricked an enemy into thinking I was one of their teammates when I had only 5% of my health left.

But busting those ghosts is just as fun. Finding a possessed prop is as satisfying as tricking a hunter. And when working as a coordinated team, hunting becomes a breeze. However, thanks to the many options that either side has, coordination with random players feel almost impossible. I have lost count of how many matches we could have won if we simply had a tooltip that gave advice to newcomers about what equipment to use.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Ghost Chase
Vaulted Sky Games

But that’s where a problem becomes visible. It feels like hunters have to work well as a team to stand a chance at winning, or simply be lucky. Whereas ghosts don’t require that team effort. It would be great if ghosts have more abilities that provided support for other ghosts, or even a simple passive effect that gives ghosts a reason to stay closer.

Midnight Ghost Hunt would certainly benefit from converting into a class-based system, or a simple Overwatch-like notification that tells you what your team is missing. Fortunately, you can resupply or switch your loadout at any time in-match and this creates a constant need to arrange your strategies to win. It felt good whenever I defeated a ghost and ran back to the station to equip my vacuum and stop them from being revived, almost like a self-given challenge.

Haunted Mansions, to Haunted Asylums

There are plenty of options in Midnight Ghost Hunt. Maps are varied and fun, with different locations from a school, to an asylum, all the way to a pirate ship. There are varying objects to possess as ghosts which keep the game interesting and dynamic. While Midnight is certainly a prop hunt game at its core, the different mechanics and systems make it more refreshing than any game I’ve played like this before.

Offering an incredible amount of choices creates a confusing mess though. Some perks are clearly better than others, some gear is clearly superior, and it’s apparent quickly that you’ll be using mostly the same loadout throughout your time.

Midnight Ghost Hunt doesn’t need to add much content to keep the game fun. Obviously, new maps and possibly new game modes will keep players returning frequently, but each match feels different enough that I’ve yet to get bored. But they need to add or balance the existing equipment to create a more diverse range of weapons and abilities.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Preview
Vaulted Sky Games

All of this being said, Midnight Ghost Hunt consistently felt fun. It hit every mark that it needed to hit to create a successful prop hunt game and it’s only in its first week of release. It will be exciting to see how much it develops on the road to full release. But, like any other game, it will need to keep its player base returning for success. Forgetting about all of that for now, though, and Midnight Ghost Hunt is a ghostbusting good time, whether you play alone or with friends.

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