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Microsoft Will Be Holding A Livestream On Xbox Series X Launch Day

Microsoft are planning livestream events for different countries around the world on the 9th November. Which happens to be the day before the Xbox Series X launches. But now they are planning a new livestream on the actual day of launch.

The livestream will be a celebratory event, similar to the ones taking place a day earlier. Although currently, the content of each event is unknown.

But we expect Microsoft will be showing off some games and special features of the Xbox Series X/S.

We’re very much hoping the event features some surprises or that Microsoft shares some previously unknown announcements. But we’ll have to wait and see.

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What Will The Xbox Livestream Show Us?

Here’s what Microsoft have told us so far:

“Think of our livestream celebration as a companion to your gaming plans for the day.  We'll host "Let's Play" segments with the creators, showcase special launch highlights from around the globe. And harness the power of gaming to raise vital funds for great causes.

“This will be a moment of play, not press releases, as next generation consoles begin to land in the hands of players around the world. Instead of big announcements, we will mark the beginning of a new era by gaming alongside one another. We will take this moment to have some fun and look forward to having you join us.

“November 10 marks a formative moment, the very beginning of the new generation of play.

“You will be able to experience many of its benefits right away – like the incredible look and feel of movement at 120fps, faster load times, richer gaming libraries, the mobile reach of cloud gaming, and new unforgettable game experiences.

“As creators tap into the power of the new Xbox console generation over the next decade, you will see gaming shake free from its former limits. Unique custom-designed innovations will make Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S highly coveted this holiday season, and we are working hard with partners around the world to bring as many new consoles to as many players as possible over time.”

The Xbox Livestream event will take place on the 10th November 11am PT and will be streamed on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

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