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Microsoft to Host ‘What’s Next For Gaming’ Xbox Event

If you want to know what’s next for Xbox gaming, Microsoft isn’t going to make you wait long for a new event.

Lately, it feels like Microsoft is making headlines more and more. With the incredible resurgence of Xbox over the last few years, it’s clearly an exciting time to be a Series X/S owner.

And now, it won’t be long until we hear even more exciting details about what’s next for Xbox. According to reports, an incoming event should be spilling the beans very soon.

(Source: Microsoft)

Although we’re unlikely to hear more about Xbox’s upcoming games in the event, it’ll still be one to watch for Microsoft fans everywhere.

Instead, perhaps we’ll get word about the leaked Xbox VR headset!

New Xbox Gaming Event Coming May 2021

Microsoft’s annual Build conference is taking place next month. And now, we’re learning that a ‘What’s Next For Gaming’ event looks to be arriving alongside it.

In case you hadn’t heard about it, Microsoft Build is a developer conference that hosts developers, architects, start-ups, and students each year. The conference tends to feature interesting guest speakers, presentations, and the sharing of knowledge.

We also occasionally get a sneak preview of what’s to come in the future. And this year, Microsoft is allegedly running a series of What’s Next events.

This information comes from Microsoft insider Mary Jo Foley on ZDNet:

“Microsoft is supplementing its main, larger conferences this year with smaller “What’s Next” virtual events. A “What’s Next for Gaming” event is expected in the coming weeks. The Game Stack Live event also listed on the US events page is not that event, I hear.”

xbox series x series s
(Source: Microsoft)

It’s unclear as to what we’ll be seeing at the What’s Next For Gaming event but we doubt it’ll be about the new Xbox Series X Mini Fridges.

Instead, we may hear more about the success of Xbox Game Pass, and what that means for the future. With major games like Outriders, and MLB: The Show coming to Game Pass, the service is turning heads each day.

Want to see the very best games on Xbox Game Pass as of April 2021? We’ve got you covered!

We can also see this being a good opportunity for Microsoft to explore the insane possibilities of Xbox Cloud Gaming some more. It’s also an excellent time to talk more about the recent Xbox Live rebranding.

But all fans want to hear about right now is when more Xbox Series X consoles will be in stock.

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