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Microsoft Unveil New Xbox Series X Controller – What’s New?

Microsoft has unveiled a stunning new Xbox Series X Controller, Pulse Red. Which, as you may expect, is a stunning bright red.

Microsoft has revealed a new Xbox Series X controller in a beautiful bright red. It reminds us of the console's original codename, Project Scarlett.

The new controller is also compatible with the Xbox Series S and is rather striking at first glance. The red on black finish, with white on the back panels, bizarrely reminds us of Nintendo mascot Mario.

Mario’s own shade of red is near identical to the new Xbox Series X controller. So much so it could be from some alternate universe where Microsoft really did succeed in buying Nintendo!

Perhaps this controller is what they had in mind when they made that pitch! Speaking of Mario, a recent leak suggests a new game may be on the way!

What Do We Know About the New Xbox Series X Controller?

The new Pulse Red Xbox Series X controller will go on sale on the 9th of February. According to Microsoft, this will be “in most Xbox Markets.”

However, if any markets don’t receive the controller on release day, we imagine it won’t take long to arrive.

As expected, the controller will retail at the usual $64.99/£54.99 – which is the same as all the other Xbox Series X/S controllers.

The Pulse Red controller was announced by Xbox’s UK Marketing boss Samuel Bateman earlier today. It joins other colors, including the traditional black version, which comes bundled with the Series X console.

Along with the white controller that comes bundled with the smaller Xbox Series S. And finally, the Shock Blue controller, which is compatible with both consoles.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing what other colors and designs Microsoft will come up with next. Let’s not forget, Xbox is considering what PS5 DualSense features could work well on an Xbox controller.

If you happen to own a PS5 DualSense controller, here’s how you can make the most of it.

Here's Microsoft's official Pulse Red controller webpage, set up once it was announced.

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