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Microsoft Store Restocks Xbox Series X Again, But Sells Out Almost Instantly

Customers trying to buy an Xbox Series X have been out of luck recently – the latest Microsoft Store restock sold out in an instant!

It’s no secret that next-gen consoles are extremely hard to purchase at the moment. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X have been out of stock since they launched last November.

And unless you want to cough up an insane amount of money to buy a Series X from a scalper on eBay, restocks are your best bet.

Luckily, there are plenty of Xbox Series X restocks this week at Amazon, Best Buy, and more. However, you’ll need to be quick – just look at how fast the latest Microsoft Xbox Series X Restock sold out!

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Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Stock Drop Sold Out in Minutes

In addition to a number of Halo Infinite Elite Controller drops yesterday, the Microsoft Store also held a restock for Xbox Series X consoles. However, you had to be quick to secure one.

Buying a next-gen console online is always the easiest way to do it. After all, thousands of people queued to buy an Xbox or PS5 just last week.

Although, buying online has some problems too. While many Xbox fans managed to get a Series X in the Microsoft Store restock yesterday, they had to be extremely quick to purchase the console.

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Unfortunately, many gamers weren’t fast enough to finally secure their Xbox Series X as it sold out within minutes. Some even managed to add it to their cart but still missed out.

If you were just a minute or two later than other eager customers, you might have been able to add the console to your cart but had the option to ‘place order’ grayed out.

In fact, it looked like the whole Microsoft Xbox Series X restock yesterday was sold out in around 15 minutes.

Make sure to stay tuned for news about any upcoming Xbox Series X restocks at Microsoft and other stores too. You’ll have to be quick to make sure you get one!

Also, let’s hope that buying consoles directly from Microsoft is better than Sony’s service. PS Direct has cancelled loads of PS5 orders.

In other Microsoft and Xbox News, Game Pass has 13 great new games this month. This will keep you busy after the new Halo Infinite Technical Preview Weekend is over.

Also, a leak suggests that Xbox will announce a huge new acquisition soon. Surely it can’t be bigger than the $7.5billion purchase of Bethseda.

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