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Microsoft Store Invites Could Be The Easiest Way to Get an Xbox Series X

There’s a new best way to get an Xbox Series X – fans are already getting email invites to buy a next-gen console directly from the Microsoft Store!

Gamers have been struggling to buy an Xbox Series X ever since the console was released over a year ago. However, Microsoft has given Xbox fans a great new way to get a console.

As the Xbox Series X shortage is set to continue until next year, many gamers had given up hope about getting a new Xbox any time soon. Although, there is a reason to be more optimistic about your chances of getting a console now.

Xbox fans are already sharing their success stories after getting an email invite to buy an Xbox Series X from the Microsoft store. See what fans are saying about this new Xbox restock system below.

But first, find out how to get a Microsoft Store Xbox Series X email invite.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

The Best Way to Buy an Xbox Series X – Microsoft Store Email Invitation

While many gamers are eager to find out where to buy an Xbox Series X on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, some lucky customers have already been able to order one!

Microsoft has followed in the footsteps of the PlayStation Direct email invite restocks and is now sending invitations to fans to buy a new Xbox. This removes all of the hassles from the process.

The first wave of Microsoft Store email invites went out just a few days ago. Despite this, many players have already been able to order a console.

This will be a relief for gamers who have waited over a year to get the Xbox Series X. Hopefully, these email invites continue to be sent out so more people can get an Xbox.

After all, this seems to be by far the easiest way to get an Xbox Series X right now. However, it does require a bit of luck!

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Meanwhile, if you don’t get a Microsoft Store email invite to get an Xbox Series X, don’t worry. There are plenty more chances to get the console soon.

Plus, these are loads of restocks happening this week:

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Tyson Merten

Friday 26th of November 2021

I've been an MS customer since the Original Xbox.

No email.

Get fucked M$. Not going to buy your console because of this.


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Easiest way to work around this BS is to send a message to current Xbox live subcribers and allow them to reserve a copy before launch day. After a couple days of giving the PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY USE THIER PRODUCT a chance to buy one close registration and let it be the free for all it currently is.


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Didn’t work for me, got the ‘page could not be found’ error. Probably sold out. What a mess.


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

We gave up and got the Series S. I figure my son would be happy with that for a few years and for his 16th birthday, we will see what's on the market.


Monday 22nd of November 2021

I got the email yesterday. They allow you to buy 2 systems. I got one for myself, and one for my mother in law to give to my brother in law for Christmas.