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Microsoft Store Glitch Still Listing Halo Infinite Xbox Series X As Available

Microsoft Store hyped many gamers as a glitch affected the listing for the Halo Infinite Series X.

The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X has sold out almost instantly in every restock.

This console is so popular that it was listed at insane prices on eBay after its pre-order went live.

Luckily, some restocks of this console have popped after its official launch date.

Microsoft Store made many gamers excited about a possible restock of this console. Unfortunately, hopes quickly extinguished.

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Microsoft Store Listing Glitch

Microsoft Store Glitch Shows Checkout Button on Xbox Series X Listings

Microsoft Store Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite Edition listings had a checkout button today due to a glitch on the site.

This incident made many believe this was a real restock. When loading Microsoft Store’s site, everything seemed normal as usual.

There is no indication in the listing that something is wrong. But, gamers quickly encounter an issue after clicking on the Checkout button.

Almost immediately, an error appears below the said button. This error message states, “Something went wrong. Please try again in a while.”

According to gamers who have fallen for this situation before, this error happened intermittently during the past three days.

Additionally, this is not exclusive to the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X bundle listing. This glitch also affects the standard Xbox Series X console listing.

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Xbox Series X Microsoft Store Listing Glitch

Gamers quickly identified there was something odd going on with the listing.

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Thankfully, other cooperative players quickly added that this was, in fact, a glitch.

Like most retailers, Microsoft Store is certainly not exempt from glitches and technical issues in their Xbox Series X listings.

Lately, though, Microsoft Store has been making many fans happy with its Xbox Series X direct-purchase invites.

If you are interested in one of these invites, here is the easiest way to get a Microsoft Store Xbox Series X invite email.

Sadly, Microsoft Store proved there is something worse for gamers this time than a terrible restock, a non-existing one.

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Ulysses Q

Sunday 28th of November 2021

This is nothing new for Microsoft Store. This stock glitch has been going on for years with random items.