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Microsoft Shuts Down Cheap Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Trick

If you were hoping to take advantage of the cheap Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trick, you won’t be happy to see that Microsoft is taking action.

Since launch, it’s always been possible to get a cheaper price for your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. We have a theory that Microsoft didn’t mind initially, ensuring that more gamers were signing up for the service.

It’s a win-win for everyone. Microsoft gets to report incredible subscriber numbers for Xbox Game Pass, and fans get to experience hundreds of incredible titles for a reduced cost.

Now though, it seems that the publisher has finally had enough of letting players game the system. And our favorite cheap Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trick is no longer available.

Halo Infinite Game Pass
(Source: Microsoft)

Meanwhile, check out the latest games to come to Xbox Game Pass, including Red Dead Online, FIFA 21, and more!

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate EA Play Loophole Closes

A loophole that allows users to get cheaper Xbox Game Pass Ultimate thanks to EA Play is no longer active.

It seems that Microsoft is pushing back against the popular EA Play loophole, which gave users a significant discount on Game Pass Ultimate. In case you weren’t aware, previously fans were redeeming 1 year of EA Play membership codes for 4 months of Game Pass on Xbox’s store.

Since EA Play is $30 for a year, it currently retails at the same cost as 2 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. So each time a user redeemed a code, they were profiting significantly, with effectively 2 free months of the subscription service.

Now though, Xbox is shutting down this Game Pass Ultimate trick, according to its official support FAQs:

One month of EA Play will extend an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription by 10 days, and a one-year EA Play code will extend an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription by 2 months.

xbox game pass
(Source: Microsoft)

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It’s a shame but all good things come to an end. But with a new mind-blowing IP coming to Xbox Game Pass, we’d say it’s still worth staying subscribed.

Microsoft may be more careful to not let this happen again with Xbox Game Pass’s next major expansion. But with Sony about to reveal a response to Xbox Game Pass, perhaps Microsoft will keep existing exploits open.

After all, you can still exchange Xbox Live Gold membership for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate time…

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